Trap Star (DC TeaPad)

WOOO! YEAH! You ready for the best Friday on the frickin’ calendar, baby? Halloween weekend!!! Oh, squee!!! And there’s no new season of Stranger Things to keep you or me (me) on the couch, neither. I mean, that Christine McConnell show is kinda rad if you’re into, like, a modern, empowered Elvira/Martha Stewart mash-up that bakes candy for her semi-malevolent puppets (raises hand cautiously), but there’s only six episodes, and Haunting of Hill House is too damn sloooow. So let’s get this party started, shall we, with Trap Star flowers from DC TeaPad! Mmmm, those flowers look positively smokeable. Warm up the pipe, will you? Also available from this I71 delivery fave is the intriguing hybrid Petrol On Fire and the delicious Platinum Cookies I showed you last week. If you’re looking for a real heavy-hitter, check out their Skywalker OG and Strawnana gifts. Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend, everybody!

Review: AK-47

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