FYI to Herbal Alternatives patients, they are holding a Make Your Own Tincture Class on December 3rd at 4:30pm. There is no cost for this event but you must be an Herbal Alternatives patient! They will provide ALL materials but you do have to pay for the medicine.  They're using the new oils from Abatin Wellness that I've been looking forward to checking out. SWEET! If you don't have a medical card, don't worry, it's easy (but takes some time). And I definitely recommend signing up to Herbal Alternatives as your dispensary! Who knows how much longer it will be until the restriction placed on DC MMJ patients to visit only one dispensary will be lifted (I mean, sometime in the next year, but when, dude, when? Bureaucracy and politics make everything take so long).  And if you do get a medical card, tell 'em the Gentleman sent you. Daddy needs a new pair of blunts, baby! Herbal Alternatives II is located at 1710 Rhode Island Ave NW, 3rd floor, Washington DC 20036.