Wow, I never really saw myself as the 'manifesto' type but now that I've written one, yeah, I totally am. Metropolitan Wellness Center reached out to me tonight in response to my article Which Dispensary Do I Choose?  and despite the fact that I outright told people not to patronize their business, they didn't threaten me even one time!  Take note, future angry people.  This is how progress is made. So, I wrote him back: Wow, I appreciate the professionalism of your response.  Thanks for not threatening me off the bat!  It's been quite a rough and tumble start over here at GTHQ, I tell ya. [caption id="attachment_434" align="aligncenter" width="300"]For real, y'all, cut it out with the death threats on social media already. I got this on High There. Is it a death threat? I'm not sure. Maybe he has bullets for sale.[/caption] Anyhoo, here's where I'm coming from: I want your program to succeed.  I desperately, desperately want your program to succeed. I'm just not convinced that y'all (the cultivators and dispensary owners) can do it yourselves. It seems to me that we have a mini-Ohio situation going on over here and that greed is impeding progress. Your shop is blatantly ripping people off.  They can get the same product at 3 other dispensaries cheaper.   You're the only shop in SE.  There is a strong sense of territoriality in DC, this isn't my first trip through.  The locals sign up for your shop, then leave and tell the recreational community that "the dispensaries" offer meh bud for exorbitant prices. That's not the case. Look, I understand y'all are hooked up with District Growers, I'm not a huge fan of their flowers.  Firmly #5 b/c of pricing, would be #4 otherwise.  Seriously, the Weed Fairy better have left a surprise ounce hidden behind that one for $700. If the program is going to succeed, you don't need recreational sales to be allowed- you'll turn those folks off just as quickly and end up with just the casual smokers.  And if you think the solution is to involve the police just because now you think you're on the other side of the Drug War, then you are 100% wrong.  We can fix this as a community.  We've all been through the wringer here, white folks not as bad as people of color, but we've all suffered.  We need to bridge the gap with the police, definitely- but not by throwing each other to the wolves (or coyotes). I'm getting off topic. What you need to do is offer competitive products at competitive prices.  Then people will flock to your stores and stay at your stores, just like they do out West.  That's what I want.  That's my dream. That we have prices and products as competitive as they do in CA, CO, WA, OR... So here's my solution. I'm going to spotlight the folks that are doing the best in the program. And I'm going to point out its flaws. And I'm going to spotlight the best of the recreational market, especially the concentrates cuz YALL KNOW your game is messed up there, to spur your heels. I don't want to do any of this. I don't need to run around getting death threats and shit! I've got a decent job, an apartment to myself and I live in a building full of gorgeous college-age women. In my off-time, I've caught a hella buncha Pokemon. I do this because I am compelled to.  It's literally the only thing I can concentrate on these days.  What would make me happiest, MWC, is if you all made me entirely irrelevant.  Again, I appreciate you reaching out, and I really hope you'll consider reducing your prices, pushing for better products, and that your business thrives as a result! Sincerely, GT