The Feel Collection Relaxed Capsules

The Feel Collection is a brand of ingestibles from Green Thumb Industries comprised of tinctures, RSO, and capsules. GTI owns/operates the Chesapeake Alternatives processor in Maryland that makes TFC along with the Rythm brand vape cartridges we like and the three RISE dispensaries. They're also available in Florida and coming soon to IL, PA, MA, and NV! Exciting times afoot, eh, Watson?


There's several different capsule formulations available, some including CBD. You can find Energized, Dreamy 1:1, Comfort 2:1, and Comfort 10:1 on Maryland dispensary shelves, along with the Relaxed I picked up. After Mayor Bowser's announcement that she intends to end gifting in DC, the Gentleman is quite stressed. I'm not ready to go back to the real world yet! I still have lots of nothing to do!


And weed reviews, of course. Which brings us back to The Feel Collection...




TFC's capsules are made with coconut oil, a common binding agent for cannabis edibles. The Relaxed version also contain Blue Chamomile. Each cap is approximately 5mg THC but as the package itself points out, "slight ratio variations may occur."


chesapeake alternatives maryland the feel collection gti lab results weed edibles


Mine were tested at 5.25mg of THC along with .24mg of CBG, as you can see above. FYI, variations in dosage are common with edibles. No dealbreaker here.


The size of the capsules isn't bad. I can swallow one comfortably at a time. Two is a little much but doable. I could have handled a higher THC trial (see below) but I really don't feel like taking a dozen pills one at a time. I suppose that's an advantage of classic edibles, as I will most def take a cookie to the face.


Anyway, The Feel Collection Capsules come in a larger quantity if you want, but we got the small box of 20 caps for a total of 100mg of THC. Cost was $24 at GreenLabs in Baltimore, which is consistent with pricing I've seen elsewhere.


They come in a reusable tin that's pretty roomy for the 20 caps inside. Yes, I suppose you can fill it with dead dreams but that's kinda macabre, even for you, isn't it?


Maryland medical weed TFC Feel Relaxed capsules package


Test Conditions


Awright, baby, let's science this bitch up! We take edibles seriously at GTHQ cuz I've had to diss so many.


I split my four tests up over the course of a week, allowing a day of no edibles in between in an attempt to negate a tolerance increase. Tests 1, 2, and 4 each used my new edibles jutsu outlined here to maximize effectiveness for high-tolerance folks like myself.


  • Test 1: 25mg/Morning/Light breakfast
  • Test 2: 20mg/Late Afternoon/4 hrs since lunch
  • Test 3: 30mg/Early Evening/1 hr after dinner
  • Test 4: 25mg/Late Night/4 hrs after dinner




Using my new edibles method, Tests 1 & 2 both yielded positive results with The Feel Collection's Relaxed Capsules. I start to feel a buoyant, happy buzz after 30-35 minutes. The potency, however, is light and short-lasting, trailing off an hour from onset.


It did replace the need to smoke cannabis for about an hour, which is my standard for judging the effectiveness of an edible. They just didn't work for long. Each capsule is approximately $1.20, so we're talking about $4.80-$6, which is roughly what a half-gram joint costs if you roll it yourself.


TFC maryland mmj Feel Relaxed outer packaging photo


That joint would typically have me medicated for 2-3 hours, so in comparison, I'd be spending twice as much to medicate with The Feel Collection's capsules instead.


Once TFC's capsules effects started to dissipate, I went ahead and ate. There was no lingering, light after-buzz. Gone. Kaput. Game over, man.


Test #3 was the highest potency tested at 30mg. I had eaten pizza for dinner an hour earlier, which should be fatty enough to aid THC absorption. Unfortunately, there was no noticeable effect.


Test #4 was the truest real-world application. If I'm getting capsules called Relaxed, I expect they'll help me get to sleep without a lot of fussing about what I ate and when and how much.


25mg eventually produced an effect, though it was closer to an hour before I felt anything. When it did, it lasted for about 10 minutes. During that time, I was beset with a strong, sudden fatigue. But I was most of the way through an episode of GoT so I battled the urge to go to sleep. The effort broke the effects of TFC's capsules and I was stuck awake for another two hours.


Gentleman, ehh...It's alright.


If you have a low tolerance for edibles, you might get more out of The Feel Collection's Relaxed capsules than I did. They were effective for me under the right conditions, but even then, I'm looking for a bit more potency. I'd have been satisfied if the effects hadn't broke so quickly during Test 4.


Also, all tests made my burps taste like weed for hours afterward. We'll call them canna-burps! Not super awesome. Not totally uncommon, either, but you can find cannabis ingestibles and edibles that don't have this drawback.