THE CLEAR (Mahatma) Vape Cartridge
Cannabis Station wasn't originally on the Gentleman's list of dispensaries to check out in Denver, but getting my dainty, be-gloved hands on some of The CLEAR brand concentrate most definitely was! PLEASE BE ADVISED: Recent news reports suggest there is a risk of severe lung damage associated with vaping. State health authorities are investigating. VAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK! As I meandered the streets near Mile High Stadium in search of some refreshment, a bright, beautiful hummingbird mural along the wall of this stand-alone shop caught my attention. I ventured inward, eager to plunder the former frontier city for all the golden grams my greenbacks could get. Cannabis Station makes a terrific first impression. The lobby is more of a lounge, well-lit, airy, with comfortable couches all around and free marijuana industry magazines arranged for your perusal as you wait. One wall is adorned with artfully arranged concert posters. The place seems like a hip, neighborhood staple where folks might pop in as much for the product as the scene. I walked in just as another customer was taken back and had the place to myself for a bit before the budtender and her tiny dog popped back through the door. When my turn came to enter the inner sanctum, alas, I learned why I was the only person in the lobby on this bright Saturday morn. While there was lots of space within, it was dark, and mostly full of tee shirts. Man, some tee shirt printers got rich off these dispensaries, I tell ya wut. I'd talk more smack along these lines, but 1. nobody buys mine, either, which is why I sob pitifully into my pillow person every night, Black Lab blaring from my speakers and 2. regrettably, there's more smack to get to. This was the only dispensary on my trip whose sample flower jars held just a few buds each. It was quite a pathetic show compared to every other store I visited. There couldn't have been more than an eighth in each and probably less. They did have some different flowers than those I'd found in other shops in that there were a few colored a vivid green. What I could see had some nifty trichs on it, but I couldn't find any with a good scent profile- something the bare jars certainly didn't help with. It gets worse, as this was the dispensary I mentioned in my Preface. Oh, I'll save you the read. One budtender mentioned to the other that he couldn't tell whether a flower he was looking at smelled more like pine or citrus. My two favorite terps! I greedily told him to pass the sample my way for inspection, then stepped back in shock. The smell he couldn't figure out, I explained slowly, was ammonia. Thus ended my flower search at this location, but prices weren't terrible for a gram, $17 across the board. I turned to the concentrate. They didn't have any specials going, but it was the first place I'd been in that had The CLEAR vape cartridges. Now, you and I both know that dabbing is where it's at, Matt, but carts are so super convenient for tourists. It was important I check some of those out, as I'm, like, a marijuana tourist or whatever. The price was prohibitive- $40 for only 250mg! But it was the only thing I saw that I really wanted and they had a great selection of a half-dozen flavors. With some hesitancy, I forked over the cashola but left with a cart that had my button-finger itchin' to get back to my super-sweet smoking hotel room. I gotta say- this vape cartridge is CLEARLY a superior product (budum ching, here all night, folks, don't forget to tip your weirdo) , ranking among the best I've had. If you're unfamiliar with The CLEAR, it's potent distillate with flavors added back in. They have some good info about their processes on their website if you wanna geek out about it. The draw is smooth but the smoke gets thick quickly as the cart heats up. It feels like you're taking a tiny dab! The taste is excellent, a perfect amount of flavor added- I had forgotten which I had got and guessed it was Peach something. When I found the slick tube packaging to double-check, I was pleased to see the label read Orange Cream. Two or three pulls at a sesh of this CLEAR vape cart will do for me- with carts, I don't really feel much further effect even if I keep hitting it. I get a strong head high that provides an immediate calm, bringing me back to my core. The potent buzz fades quickly but the anxiety relief and focus continue on for an hour or two. This vape cartridge from The CLEAR made me wish I had got a bigger barrel of juice! An excellent product, this cart gets full marks from your Gentleman and is highly recommended to my fellow ganja-tourists. That being said, the cost was quite high and I expect we can find quite satisfactory products for less if you didn't come to Denver to make it rain in the dispensaries. I can't say nearly as much for Cannabis Station, which had clearly had so much love, thought, and talent put into its design only to fail on basic execution. Numero uno, folks, turn the damn lights on so I can see what I'm about and dos, fill up them sample jars.