Alright, I'm gonna make this short and sweet.  I gotta bounce and try to enjoy a couple days of well-earned R&R to keep my brain elves in line but I am happy to report that I did, in fact, write a brand new speech for the Greenlight Festival proper and it went really well.  I cussed a lot but people definitely heard what I had to say.  Look for the video soon, but in the meantime, here it is: "On August 12th, a man met with three young men in a McDonalds bathroom by the Verizon Center to sell them $40 worth of cannabis. They never intended to pay him. They shot him in the face. You don’t hear stories like this coming out of Colorado. They’re not coming out of Washington state, or Oregon. They shot him in the motherfucking face and this pisses me off. It pisses me off that our government has failed us. That here in the Nation’s Capital, the promise of legal marijuana has been left in this gray market quagmire instead of pouring money into our schools, fixing the fucked up roads, and putting money back into the citizens’ pockets, like Colorado is. No, people here are still getting shot in the face over forty dollars worth of weed. Do you know the owner of Metropolitan Wellness said he thought I was an internet troll? This motherfucker sells weed for $700 an ounce and has the balls to ask if I’M THE TROLL? It pisses me off that, once the DC government fixes that problem, they aren’t planning to give us the robust programs out West. No, they’re going to say it’s a small city, and limit the roll out to the current medical dispensaries and cultivators.  That we need to limit the amount of cannabis produced. I want this city to pump so much weed that the whole East Coast is smoking DC! No, they’re not going to allow enough competition for the industry to flourish and each of us to benefit from lower prices and better quality. And the option to grow their own isn’t available to people in public housing. It pisses me off that they’re not going to push for enough diversity or give a chance to anyone who isn’t a multi-millionaire. It pisses me off that they don’t allow the employment of those who have suffered through the prison system for marijuana-related offenses like they do in Oregon. It pisses me off that they want to hand our industry off to little twerps who ‘think cannabis is a wonderful investment opportunity with strong growth,’ that government and business alike see us as dollar signs and do not acknowledge that we are patients and victims of an unjust Drug War. This industry should belong to you and me. We have earned our place in it. It pisses me off that we have to meet in a warehouse today because we’re not allowed to consume cannabis in restaurants or rooftop bars or dispensary lounges or anywhere else. Our city government rushed to ban social use in public to keep us all from coming together so fast it made your head spin, when they were supposed to be studying it. It pisses me off that we’re still treated like second and third class citizens, like criminals, like we’re doing something wrong. It pisses me off that my mother died. That the doctors told me cannabis medicine was too dangerous to mix with the cocktail of chemo and steroids and God know what else they pumped into her. That they didn’t know enough about this CBD oil, that it was awfully cute how I was trying but why don’t I leave it to the professionals? It pisses me off they had the gall to look down on my medicine but in the space of six months she went from bad to worse to dead in their care. It pisses me off that the doctors didn’t know because the research hasn’t been done. It pisses me off that the government has suppressed this research, that the DEA says it has no medicinal use because the FDA says it has no medicinal use all while the government holds patents for this medicine! And half the country has at least some form of medical cannabis law on the books now. I’m so pissed off I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. is more than a website. It’s my line in the sand. I want a robust, competitive, inclusive program. Plentiful, cheap, quality cannabis throughout the city instead of people getting shot in the face at McDonalds. I want our own bars and restaurants in the city where we’re allowed to consume. I want to build a community here. I want us to get out of the fucking Stone Age when it comes to research on the myriad medical possibilities of this plant. I want the laws of our nation to finally reflect the truth they’ve kept hidden for so long, that cannabis is medicine. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the party, I’m going to get high and try to chill out." And, indeed, I am.  I hope y'all enjoyed your Labor Day, talk to you soon, thank you again for having me out Greenlight!