Super Glue Flowers (Cloud 9)
Super Glue Flowers Have you heard Palace Winter's Nowadays yet? Definitely my favorite album of 2018 and the most impressive sophomore effort I've heard in a long while. So many bands fail to recapture their original spark in their second album, but Nowadays feels like discovering a new city with an old friend. The Empire and Demon tracks stand out as particularly strong, but the whole album syncs together very well, as did their previous, Waiting for the World to Turn, which is just super frikkin impressive. Oh, but you wanted a recommendation on weed? No prob, Bob. Check out our friends at I71 delivery fave Cloud 9! Today they have Super Glue flowers to share with you (above) along with Trainwreck, Super Blue Dream, Burmese Kush, and White Tahoe Cookies.

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