Super Glue (Bagged Buds)

Super Glue (Bagged Buds)

Oooh, have you guys watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch yet? I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure gimmick. The first time thru. Then I get bored. Cuz it's also a game somehow? But one you can't really win, unless SPOILER ALERT you consider putting out a 2.5 star game without killing your dad a win, which I do, cuz screw what some preteen blogger thinks, right? Speaking of, this blogger wanted to let you know that our friends at I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds have some exceptional Super Glue flowers to share with you, but only in limited quantities! You better hurry up and book your appointment now if you want some! Also available from Bagged Buds today:

Mint Cookies
Gelato Special
AC/DC (high CBD!)
Lemon Diesel
Chocolate Diesel
Gonzo Punch
Cookie Glue (photo here)
Venom OG
Sour Diesel (photo here)
Grass Valley OG
Jungle Boy OG
Sticky Monkey

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