Sunset Sherbet (Rabble Dabble)
The weekend is here, the skies are clear, and the sweet scent of victory still hangs heavy in the air after the Capitals, at long last, captured the Stanley Cup last night. Time to kick back and schedule an I71 gift delivery, yeah?Rabble Dabble has been around the scene for a while now (online as Bagged Buds), but I haven't been around much lately. Not really into being around other people at present. I have a small purple cactus named Groot that I got from Home Depot a few months ago which I presume is still alive. That's about the level of energy I have to share with other organisms right now. Shit, is there WebMD for cacti? Hold on a sec. Yeah, I think it's fine. bagged buds dc logo linkVISIT BAGGED BUDS! Rabble Dabble graciously allowed me to check out their Sunset Sherbet recently. This hybrid is another offspring of GS Cookies, this time crossed with Pink Panties. It was everywhere in DC last summer and fall and remains a popular gift option. Rabble Dabble's gift was several dense, supple nugs sporting brown hairs and easily visible trichomes. The manicure is a little choppy, possibly machine-trimmed, so there's still a little sugar leaf. The aroma is light but distinctly citrus, with a little sweetness and a little gas, too. It provides a pleasant, smooth smoke with just a hint of citrus flavor coming through. Rabble Dabble's Sunset Sherbet goes straight to the head, literally. Very similar to the Headband effect, an invisible magic crown, possibly made of unicorn hair, settles between my temples and forehead, stretching 'round the circumference, like stepping into a real-life Snapchat filter. Who doesn't like filters? Look, I'm not downloading Snapchat to take a selfie with a filter on. There's not time, is one good reason. Seriously. I'm not going to do that. Just shut up already. [caption id="attachment_8492" align="aligncenter" width="227"] Damn, dude, you look high AF[/caption] Enhanced visual stimulation is the primary effect here, and despite its potency, I remain mentally agile, my mood calm and relaxed. It doesn't make me tired at all, even after a pair of successive jays to the face, which makes these flowers an extremely flexible choice for whatever activity you have in mind, though I do find my mind wandering a bit, and without a strong buffer for depression, the path occasionally leads to my inner Mordor, a catalogue of my every sin and error. Yes, brain, I do remember The Snowman Incident. What precisely am I supposed to about it thirty years later in the middle of June? Sadist. Ok, so maybe Rabble Dabble's Sunset Sherbet isn't going into my regular medicine cabinet, but if you're a somewhat normal person who isn't haunted by every misstep, I'm sure you'll find it quite useful. You can schedule your delivery from Rabble Dabble online via their website,

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