SunMed Ghost Chem Flowers

Today we're gonna review these Ghost Chem flowers grown by SunMed I got on sale at GreenLabs for $18 an eighth. Why not? We're gonna review everything! If it's good enough for dispensary shelves, it's game for review. We'll get around to everything sooner than later. Pitter patter, skids!

SunMed Maryland medical weed Ghost Chem photo

Who Is SunMed?

SunMed was started by Jake Van Wingerden. He's been growing plants for Home Depot, Lowe's, and such since 2002 on 45 acres out in Earleville under the name Tidal Creek Growers. So these folks have some serious agricultural experience.

SunMed takes its name from its Dutch greenhouse cultivation technique that uses sunlight to grow cannabis instead of artificial grow lights. Greenhouse is typically regarded as mid-tier between indoor and outdoor marijuana.

FYI, That ranking relates to trichome production/potency and is completely invalid as far as the Gentleman is concerned. I find indoor-grown weed with serious defects all the freakin' time.

Here's my favorite bit from SunMed's site: "At the heart of our growing techniques are sustainable biological practices to control insects and disease naturally without the need for applying fungicides or pesticides."

Ok baby, now you're talking my language!

SunMed has a grow license in Maryland but no processing or dispensary licenses. Their two facilities are out in Cecil County. I mentioned them in yesterday's review- the (defective) Lemon Skunk Culta shatter I picked up had a sticker that indicated the flowers were originally grown by SunMed.

Culta Shatter package SunMed grown sticker Maryland medical weed photo

SunMed Ghost Chem Bag Appeal

You can find SunMed in lots of Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries. They used to be in these rather garish plastic yogurt tubs. I've picked up an eighth here and there but nothing really stood out to me. Not exceptional in quality or lack thereof, decent enough for mids, and often at a lower price point than premium flowers.

  • I've definitely seen tighter buds from SunMed than this Ghost Chem
  • My eighth was a loose collection of small and popcorn-sized larfy nugs.
  • Trichomes are tiny but present and cover the li'l buds entirely.
  • The trim is below par, a fair amount of sugar leaf left on, but they clipped most of the stems.
  • No seeds.
  • Flowers are a healthy-looking light green with long, orange hairs.

Overall, bag appeal is...ok. It doesn't look amazing, but I do want to smoke it.

SunMed Maryland medical weed clear pop top bottle photo
I like the clear pop tops better

SunMed Ghost Chem Smell/Taste

SunMed's Ghost Chem flowers exhibit a light grass smell defect along with a hint of that Chem/Diesel gas the Gentleman loves. Not great, but of the many possible defects I covered in my Guide to Bad Marijuana, the grass smell from trapped chlorophyll is not worrying. We can smoke this.

I have to say my joints smoked rather smooth, even if they did taste like grass. Not much coughing, though burned unevenly. Can't really be helped with these larfy buds that end up in jagged pieces once ground.

SunMed Ghost Chem Potency/Effects

The potency of SunMed's Ghost Chem is moderate. That's what you usually expect from greenhouse-grown marijuana (though I've had some really amazing greenhouse). It also matches my expectations from the reported 18% THC it tested at. The reported terpene levels are pretty low (b-Caryophyllene highest at .32%), which also sounds right to me.

SunMed Maryland medical weed ghost chem test report

Early evening yesterday I smoked a half-gram joint. It gave me a decent mood boost and soothed my anxiety for half an hour before I started getting sleepy. Not a great time to get a phone call from a client!

Ghost Chem wasn't that strong, though, so I managed to pay attention and carry on a conversation until the drowsiness dissipated. Effects lasted about an hour and half.

I smoked another joint this morning when I was refreshed- similar results but no drowsiness. Laughter came easily as I scrolled through Reddit threads, my favorite mindless activity. This one about things patients say coming out of anesthesia is particularly hilarious. I can't wait to tell someone to "go fuck a goldfish!"

SunMed's Ghost Chem seems fine for chilling out, but you're gonna need to add some coffee if you're planning to get any work done on it.

Gentleman, ehh...It's alright

Look, this Ghost Chem is not SunMed's best effort- I'm sure I've seen better. Explains why it was on sale, too. It's got the grass smell defect and it's larfy. Neither of these make it unsmokeable, but it's definitely not premium cannabis.

At $18/eighth, I'm not disappointed. If it was full price $55+ for an eighth, I would be unhappy. As much as I care about quality, value factors into my equation, too. I don't like this Ghost Chem enough to smoke the rest now that I'm done with the review, but I don't dislike it enough to avoid SunMed in the future. It's alright if you're bargain shopping and prefer a moderate potency.

Ghost Chem Strain Info

SunMed kindly provided the lineage info for this strain:

Ghost OG x Tangerine x Chem 4

"Bred by Kyle Henderson of SunMed Growers, Ghost Chem is a sativa dominant hybrid strain exclusively offered in Maryland.  High potency buds packed with a gassy, herbal, piney aroma.  This strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief."