Strawberry Sherbert (Exotic Organics)

I'm a fan of social distancing. As far as the Gentleman is concerned, everyone can stay six feet away for fucking ever. What did you ever need to be so close for in the first place? Humans are such filthy, rutting creatures, quite unlike we modest space-faring Moon Elves. Any emotion you need to convey physically can be better communicated through Fortnite dance anyway, which is precisely why we taught y'all how to build microchips in the first place. And there's so few cars out you can just cross the fucking road anytime you want! I mean, the economy is going to absolute shit and we'll all be rioting for bread in another seven days or so, but, man, is it nice outside. Of course, I've mostly been inside, as instructed by the state, and puffing on Strawberry Sherbet from Exotic Organics, on orders from my physician, Dr. Jinx.


Getting gifts from Exotic Organics is easy. The website has a list of all their strains along with photos and prices for your sticker packs and gift weights. Then you call or text the number listed, 202-817-6725, to arrange for your delivery. Minimum is $50 and there's an additional $10 fee for same-day delivery. Next day and meet-ups are free. Edibles are also available!

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My sample of Exotic Organics' Strawberry Sherbert came as three hefty nugs, light green, swarmed with brown hairs and small trichomes. Dense and slightly dry, like my maple syrup quarantinis, but still supple to work with your hands. Overall bag appeal is good.

Strawberry Sherbert's most outstanding feature is its soft, strawberry aroma. It doesn't make it though to the flavor, though, and otherwise smokes acceptably- a tad heavy, a little bite, an occasional cough, but quite serviceable, much like the elderly Viennese prostitute with whom I negotiated my entrance into manhood for a sack of plums in days of yore. Ah, what frivolities! But where was I?

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Exotic Organics lists this strain as a sativa-dominant hybrid, but my experience leans more indica, with ample potency. A single bowl won't put me to sleep, but does leave me physically enervated and rather brain dead for the next couple hours. Anything further than perfunctory conversation is like pissing uphill, but if you want to zone out and play video games or catch up on The Masked Singer or whatevs, Strawberry Sherbert is your huckleberry, pardner. And exactly what you want at a time like this. Stay safe, everybody!