Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a strain created by Exotic Genetix that combines the best traits of two classic fan favorites to offer a complex range of flavors and scents while packing a serious punch. The original Cookies and Cream by Exotic Genetix won Best Hybrid at the 2017 High Times SoCal Harvest Cannabis Cup. Crossing this strong, sweet hybrid with the powerful GG4 created the intensely aromatic and heavy-hitting Grease Monkey.

Grease Monkey

Originally conceived in a small hydro store in Tacoma, WA, Exotic Genetix began as an act of altruism from one medical patient to another. The tendency at the time was for medical patients to grow from clones, which can tend to have issues with mildew or pests. Seeing the detrimental effects this could have on gardens, the founder of Exotic Genetix set off on his first seed growing project. What resulted were three new brand strains, dubbed Supernatural, Essence, and Flurple. 

As the reputation of Exotic Genetix grew along with demand for their seeds, their mission evolved. Not only were they providing patients the ability to safely grow from seed, they were also consistently breeding award-winning, high-quality strains. With knockout strains such as Starfighter and Black Mamba under their belt, it’s clear that Exotic Genetix is a top-shelf pick when it comes to superb genetics. 

Exotic Genetix says, “This entire journey started out of love, passion, and desire for the plant.” The company has won awards, including multiple Cannabis Cups, every year since 2012. 

Vintage: Circa 2016

Lineage: GG4 x Cookies and Cream 

Location: Washington State

Breeder: Exotic Genetix 

Awards: Grease Monkey placed in the Top 10 at the 2017 Michigan Cannabis Cup. 

Grease Monkey Strain Effects: Indica or Sativa?

Grease Monkey is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, but its effects tend to lean more towards those of an indica. A session with Grease Monkey will typically leave the user relaxed and couch-locked, while providing a creative, focused headspace. The high typically starts off with a classic pressure sensation around the eyes and temples, gradually melting into a heavy relaxation. Those with anxiety or chronic pain will find significant relief in the strain’s tension and pain-obliterating effects. As dosage increases, Grease Monkey becomes a more effective sleep aid, making this an ideal choice for those with insomnia. 

Some users have reported difficulty maintaining consistent thoughts or conversation, as the cerebral effects tend to leave one spacey and in a fog at higher doses. If you’re not planning on napping, this would be the ideal smoke while watching Twin Peaks in a dark room. Significant increase in appetite is to be expected, but be sure to have a drink nearby, as dry mouth is known to occur as well. Other reported side effects include dry, red eyes and dizziness. 

Grease Monkey Strain Characteristics and Terpenes

Maybe the most significant point of Grease Monkey’s appeal is its distinct aroma. Complex floral notes of pine, vanilla, and baked goods in contrast with the discernible diesel profile of GG4 make for a seriously unique nose. The medium-sized, dense, conical nugs tend to be coated in frosty white trichomes, and will typically be light-green in hue with an abundance of vivid orange pistils throughout, and speckled with purple. The post-grind offers spicy, peppery notes that compliment the dominant sweet and floral aromas. Once combusted, this is a notably loud strain, again with heavy notes of vanilla and rocket fuel. 

Lab results show THC levels around 20%, with CBG and CBD present in small amounts. The primary terpene is caryophyllene, which explains the spicy, peppery profile of Grease Monkey. Other terpenes present include limonene (citrusy), myrcene (herbal), and humulene (earthy).

Grease Monkey Grow Tips

Exotix Genetix sought out to breed resilient plants that were less susceptible to disease, mold, and mildew, and Grease Monkey is no exception. With a flowering time of roughly 63 days (9 weeks), experienced growers can expect large yields, around 20 ounces, if not more. Growers in cramped or covert quarters beware; Grease Monkey is known to grow quite tall and will absolutely reek. Always important to consider, taller plants will need more frequent pruning. Growing Grease Monkey is a good option for someone with the time and space required.