Biscotti a.k.a. Biscotti Cookies is a treat for true flavor-first enthusiasts. It’s no slouch in aroma or effects, but its Gelato #25 lineage was chosen to blend the sugar-dough flavors of the dessert trend to the classic head rush and knockout potency of its OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies lineage. If you love OG Kush and are willing to trade in a little bit of its potency for a smooth flavor and mouth-watering exhale, Biscotti might be just what your taste buds want!


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For the real strain lineage enthusiast, we’d like to address some confusion. Both Leafly and High Times have reported information related to Biscotti that may not be correct. First, although Leafly lists the lineage of Biscotti as “Sour Florida OG”, we haven’t found any independent sources (although many websites copy and paste from Leafly) that corroborate an authentic “Sour” Florida OG. In other words, while we know that there are many people claiming to have iterations of “Florida OG” which trace lineage back to Tampa Bay’s Crippy family, we believe the original Florida OG is Sunshine State Seed Co’s 1998 South Florida OG a.k.a. SoFlo OG. From what we can tell, Biscotti uses the real SoFlo OG, or at least something similar, and we feel the “sour” designation from Leafly came from a misunderstanding.  

Second, claims that South Florida OG is Triangle Kush (which were made by High Times in the May 2019 issue) have been stoutly rebuked by Sunshine State Seed Co. 

Biscotti Strain Genetics

Vintage: circa 2017

Breeder: Cookie Fam Genetics

Lineage: Gelato #25 (aka Barry Bonds) x Girl Scout Cookies x South Florida OG

Biscotti Strain Effects

Biscotti is a relaxing strain. First, it eases the mind without fogginess, then encompasses the body in a tingly sensation. Although the cerebral effects are relatively clear-headed and even energetic, it's a goofy, unfocused sort of high that may result in bouts of giggling. It’s not a lightweight smoke by any means but more of a social or creative "couch lock" without overwhelming body load.

Biscotti might be a good strain for tokers that like a potent head rush that still provides plenty of relaxation without putting them into a slumber. According to B-Real’s Strain Review w/ Dr. Greenthumb, Gelato #25 isn’t “one of those headbang type highs of an OG Kush” and “you can function throughout the day”. Biscotti is a good balance of Gelato #25’s mellow effects and the hard-hitting OG Kush and Durban Poison lineages it comes from.

Biscotti Strain Medical Benefits

Biscotti can be used to elevate mood and get relief from stress, anxiety, and depression, but it may not be a good daytime strain unless the patient is treating chronic pain or PTSD and wants a smoke with “stoney” high. It will induce appetite and may cause dry, red eyes and cottonmouth.

Biscotti Strain Characteristics

Biscotti has dense nugs with a dark green or olive color and thick, bright orange pistils. The leaves are a rich purple color that can easily make the buds themselves look purple unless they’re fully manicured with no leaf remaining. 

Biscotti’s aroma is sweet and what’s described as either nutty or buttery, with some earthy undertones reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies. The flavor remains sweet and nutty, with an added layer of spiciness and a gentle palate of herbs that comes through on the exhale. 

Biscotti has moderate levels of THC but as stated above, it’s generally favored for the flavor and not the overall potency. Although Leafly reports that many strains contain 1% CBG that information is usually not supported by other evidence (but it’s worth noting that all immature plants contain CBG). In the case of Biscotti, Leafly reports that it has 2% CBG, so it may be worth investigating for CBG hunters. Keep in mind that the longer the strain is run, the less CBD it's likely to contain. 

Growing Biscotti

Biscotti has a flowering time of 56-63 days. It grows in a bushy structure that is great for scrogging. Biscotti can handle moderate topping or fimming. For more information. see the Grow Diaries entry on growing Biscotti.

Biscotti seeds are not available. You may be able to find Biscotti 2.0 feminized seeds from breeder “The Plug” but we haven’t yet encountered the final product and we’re not sure what type of success people have had finding keepers from these seeds or how close to the original Biscotti they are.