Sticky Monkey (Hidden Leaf DC)

Happy Friday, baby! Now you can finally relax and nurse that hangover from Wednesday. Well, whose bright idea was it to chase Fireball with Goldschlager? Oh, right, mine. My bad. How ’bout I make it up to you with some truly fine, frosty, stinky Sticky Monkey from I71 delivery fave Hidden Leaf DC? AKA GG#4, but I hate that, cuz, like, why hold on to the past, man?

The Gorilla Glue company doesn’t want us using that name. Let it go, bro. Y’know? Maybe that’s just me. I’m a trendsetter. I started that whole bucket hat thing when I was a junior in high school. Ok technically the lead singer of Cake started it, but I made it a thing instead of just dumb stuff celebrities wear for attention, then it morphed into Kangols and Fred Durst got involved and I had to wash my hands of the whole situation. 

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