StarField (Spaced Out DC)
Starfield weed Ah, February 14th and love, love is in the, wait sniff sniff THAT'S WEED! LOTS AND LOTS OF WEED! This Valentine's Day our friends at DC gift weed delivery fave Spaced Out DC have some choice Starfield flowers (pictured above) to share with you along with so many different strains you could legit make an entire bouquet for your boo boo bear. No sweetie? MORE FOR ME! I mean, you. On second thought, I mean me, give it here. I said give it!!!! SpAcEdOuT mY rEaDeRs WoNt ShArE iTs NoT fAAAAAiR! Sour Cheese Blue Crack Truth Band Blue Rhino Hash& Fruit Gelato Forbidden Fruit Triangle OG Sticky Monkey 5.0 Blue T.I.T.S. Grape Kush Banana OG Black Diamond Twizzlers Sunday Driver Sunset Sherbet OG Ken OG Sour Dawg Lemon Haze Rip City Purple OG Kush Sour Jack Jack Herer Death Pie Frostbite Sticky Monkey #4 Cherry OG Berry Pie Blackberry Komodo Sugar Cap Jedi Crippler Star Field Pineapple Kush Larry OG Green Crack Sage & Sour Review: Blue Dream More Spaced Out DC Photos! [caption id="attachment_42004" align="alignnone" width="300"]spaced out dc directory logo VISIT SPACED OUT DC![/caption]