A weed party at my favorite venue down on the SW Waterfront was abruptly shut down mid-event yesterday. Sigh. Why can't we have nice things? But fret not, there are treats a-foot for my silver-speckled spiders, indeed! Thanks to a reader tip, I bring to you PuffPuffDC, an Initiative 71 delivery brand featuring a top-shelf menu of flowers and concentrates.


puffpuff dc logo phone

PuffPuffDC granted me some of their Girl Scout Cookies flowers, a Deathstar vape cart, and a gram of their High Terpene High Cannabinoid Sour Kush extract. I was quite pleased with each gift. The cartridge hits with a smooth, natural CO2 flavor and good potency- I'm feeling the weight of the heavy indica Deathstar on my cerebellum after a couple hits, but am satisfied after 5 or 6.

This strain via vape cart doesn't really hit me with a body stone, so if I'm vaping this after solid sleep, I can enjoy the mental peace & quiet while still getting my chores done, like fetching the local cannabis News stories for y'all!

Sour Kush HTHC BHO

PuffPuffDC's Girl Scout Cookies had the lightly sweet scent profile I expect to find with this particular cultivar. The buds are plump with a light frosting, well-manicured but for some stemmage goin on. The aroma carries to the flavor, making it a very pleasant smoke and smooth, to boot.

While I'm always looking for flowers that do not cause irritation during combustion, the gravity of this aspect has really hit home while my leg's been messed up, as coughing causes the affected muscles to light up like fireworks. I should really use my vape more, but I digress.

PuffPuffDC's Girl Scout Cookies pack a serious punch that leans much more indica than I expected. One bowl is a mood brightener and I'm ready to tackle the day; two bowls and my thoughts slow down to a trickle, a single word repeated, sleep. Don't expect to make it though your Stranger Things 2 binge in one sitting. I haven't done mine yet, don't tell me anything!

Sour Kush HTHC BHO flower

No, for that I recommend PuffPuffDC's High Terpene High Cannabinoid Butane Hash Oil (HTHC BHO). In fact, the Gentleman recommends this for just about everything because it is fantastic.

When I see HTHC, I set the bar high. PuffPuffDC just vaulted over it. The skunky-sour terps from this Sour Kush leap right off the sheet. I can leave it on the kitchen counter and still smell it when I walk out of the room. The -HC half is no slouch, either.

After a very flavorful dab, I enjoyed a well-rounded high that lifts my mood as high into the clouds as a fuzzy, friendly talking dog dragon BFF (after we've saved the Princess of Fantasia and routed the neighborhood bullies, of course).

Yes, I just had a dab. I love this stuff. It's got that wonderful quality of vibrancy that lets you hear a chord in a song you never noticed before and makes the world, not to mention my head, a brighter, softer place to live.

Sour Kush HTHC BHO concentrate

If you want to score some of this Sour Kush HTHC BHO for yourself, call PuffPuff DC at 202-374-2962! Their excellent selection of cannabis concentrate and flower gifts available for delivery will be a smash at this super-cool Halloween party where you're gonna be taking tasty dabs and you know what, you should probably just invite me and let me have some, since I told you about them. Seems fair. Alright, baby, we'll take things slow! The Gentleman will settle for your inbox, winky face.