Sour Haze (DC TeaPad)
Sour Haze (DC TeaPad) Congrats, baby, you made it to Friday! Now that the in-laws are gone and the kids have already broken their noisiest toys, you can finally kick back, spark a jay, and watch Bird Box on Netflix. I dunno if it's a great movie, but I love me some apocalypse and Bird Box has a novel take on it. Plus the most badass Sandra Bullock ever. Well worth your time if you, like me, neurotically comb through doomsday scenarios cataloguing successful strategies and avoidable mistakes for future reference. As for the weed, may I suggest Sour Haze (above), now available from from I71 delivery fave DC TeaPad? They also have Cinderella 99 and San Fernando Valley OG flowers gifts available today. Coupon code MCDCTPF will get you 15% off digital art at DC TeaPad every day in December! Review: AK-47 More DC TeaPad Photos! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="952"] VISIT DC TEAPAD![/caption]