Da DoGooders is a premium-quality delivery brand that you might have missed running around the manic landscape of District's cannabis scene following Initiative 71 unless you use LeafedIn, one of my favorite ways to find weed gifts and my go-to recommendation to tourists, who may not have a location in the city to wait for a delivery or haven't timed their visit to one of this city's proliferating pot parties. That being said, with a deep menu of dynamite flowers, concentrate, edibles, and more, Da DoGooders has plenty that DC locals will like, too. Check out their website! O'course, I'm gonna be taking this show on the road for a bit soon. It's time to show y'all what we're missing out here on the East Coast, the quality and price level you should demand from your legal cannabis industry, and help you find the very best bud when you come to visit your lonely Gentleman Prime as he wanders strange streets gibbering soft madnesses to the callous, cold-hearted crows, damn their mocking eyes! Plus, there's plenty of traffic opportunity for an ambitious, ambidextrous young website on the Left Coast who's willing to roll up his sleeves, spit on his hands, and beat that locomotive or die tryin, John fuckin' Henry style. You know how we do, baby! Let's talk about Da DoGooders most excelente flowers. I got two classic staples to try out, Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue #4. The nugs were fresh, ample, glittering with trichomes, each with an alluring scent profile. The Sour Diesel has a pleasant dairy funk while the Gorilla Glue features a deep, spicy aroma. [caption id="attachment_1820" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sour Diesel[/caption] Da DoGooders' Sour D is a smooth, tasty smoke that fills your lungs quickly. This sativa-dominant strain carries plenty of potency. It comes over you like a warm, hazy brain blanket as it sets in, immediately quieting any anxiety and producing a sense of well-being. After a few more minutes, the rush subsides to a more quietly productive energy suitable to chores or creative pursuits. I'm not much in the mood to chat when I got that Diesel fuel in me. Gorilla Glue #4 is famous because it has hella trichomes on it and DDG comes thru with a prime sample. If you see a picture on the interwebs lookin' like straight hellfrost, there's, like, fifty percent chance you're looking at Gorilla Glue. Lifetip! Do not make terrible puns like 'what number is Elmer's,' you'll look like a dweeb and no one will sit with you on the field trip. Instead, let the Glue wash over you, melting away the day's stress as you decapitate strangers online in your favorite FPS. Or you can get out and take a walk! Frankly, I worry about you, cooped up with a gaggle of racist, homophobic tweens screaming obscenities in your ear all day. It's nice outside! And if that weren't enough, Da DoGooders' Bruce Banner live resin is a magnificent, floral concentrate with Incredible Hulk-like potency. I had to take a second dab because I couldn't believe how strong the first one was. I needed to know the name of the orange monster that hit me! This is a wonderful hybrid, good anytime day or night to combat depression and anxiety. The high is calm but powerful. I can think and function or I can lay my tired ass down to sleep. That's right, Banner. Sleep. Da DoGooders flowers and live resin get very high marks from this Gentleman. I strongly advise you to check them out on their new website!