Slactavis Vape Cartridges
A new review is in order for our good friends at Silly Bees, if only to save your poor Gentleman from the deluge of emails asking how to get a hold of one of the hottest brands in DC. I understand your enthusiasm! The best way these days to find that Silly Bees fyah I am oh so fond of is to swing by one of the local cannabis events they're featured at. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Recent news reports suggest there is a risk of severe lung damage associated with vaping. State health authorities are investigating. VAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK! The venue itself is very chill, inviting to long-time veterans of our scene and newbies alike. Phone Homie made a point to reach out to his fans attending, inviting anyone at the party to sit and dab with DC's Slab Life icon (above). I personally appreciate that there was a comfortable amount of space to maneuver around the party and to the various vendor tables- I'm awkward enough in person without being crammed in some joint like rush hour on the Red Line. A little room to breathe, conversate, and an exit to smoke outside whenever I've said or heard too many words in a row is perfect. It's a lot of work keeping myself from going on the kind of nihilistic Doomsday-sayer rants about the evidence of reptilian/NWO banking conspiracies that make strangers remember they need to pick up their cousin from the airport very suddenly. I need frequent breaks! A chill smoke spot, plus a collection of the city's hottest cannabis gifters and dab baristas, including Silly Bees with that out-of-this-world Terpenstein shatter, for free. How could you miss this? Oh, wait, didn't I say something about Slactavis, too? That's right, Silly Bees isn't just rocking shatter that's gotta be weighed out on Richter scales, his Slactavis vape cartridges are easily among the very best available in DC, too. Dr. Brokelegs' Slactavis vape cartridges come in a very professional blister pack touting the all-organic, solvent-free, fractional distillation process used to create these little bundles of 510-threaded joy. The hot gold tip and trim of the Slactavis cart stand out from their many competitors, immediately creating the impression of a top-shelf product. The 500mL of liquid amber goodness inside backs up this boast. I checked out the Strawberry Cough and Cotton Candy flavors- both on point. There was no harshness to the pull. The Strawberry Cough was sweet and slightly tart; the Cotton Candy tastes just like a carnival treat, the sugar ample without overwhelming. The potency was excellent- a couple of hits is enough for me to feel it, 4-5 gets my head right. The Strawberry Cough definitely felt more sativa to me, putting me in a pleasant, clear-headed mood. The Cotton Candy hybrid leaned more indica. At onset, the world looks brighter, colors more vivid, as anxiety slips away and I regain the calm I covet. This peacefulness leads to exhaustion and a few hours later, I'm looking forward to a nap. Silly Bees' Slactavis vape cartridges are some of the best I've found here in the city and well worth the quick trip out to the Monday night sesh. Of course, they still have the amazing Terpenstein concentrate that has single-handedly raised DC's terp game. Check out the Birthday Cake Gelato I was given by the King Bee himself to celebrate your Gentleman staving off the Grim Reaper for another cycle of the sun. Softly sweet and with notes of lavender, I found it extremely relaxing and the best meds to help with my horrific back pain from last week's review (doing much better, thank you kindly) and help me sleep. Don't forget about the excellent flowers, either! Here's some gorgeous, very chill Purple Erkle I got to try. Now, it can't have escaped your notice that 4/20 is this week! I smoke and dab everyday, like many of you, so it's really just another day here around GTHQ, but I appreciate the celebrations nonetheless. That's why this review is out early! I'm gonna try to get some more done this week because there's so much excellent cannabis around this to tell you guys about. But, somebody had the terrible idea of making Tax Day on Tuesday, so I still got boring, Clark Kent kinda stuff I gotta do. Boo.