There is a special edition of the #SmokeSessions protests from DCMJ following their meeting with the staff of Trump's pick for US Attorney General, prohibitionist Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. It's called #ShowSessions and...y'know, whoever writes the newsletter does a damn fine job over there so I'm just gonna reprint it. Publicity, baby! It's at noon on a workday again, but I might be able to swing it this time. They want people to bring out their weed to show Senator Sessions, I presume, how freakin' dank it is. Yes! That's what it should be! A contest to show the Senator the most dankiest! Ignore me. Here's them (& their photos):
After last week’s newsworthy #SmokeSessions (Read More + Read More + Watch), we've decided to go back to Senator Jeff Sessions office this Thursday, December 8 for a special edition of #SmokeSessions called #ShowSessions. This time around cannabis reform activists from along the East Coast will be joining us with their home grow and "legally" purchased medical cannabis.   We will meet at High Noon outside the pro-Drug War Heritage Foundation (214 Massachusetts Ave. NE, two blocks from Union Station), have a short press conference, then we’ll head into the Senate, and #ShowSessions what legal cannabis looks like. RSVP NOW! RSVP@DCMJ.ORG    In the last week DCMJ has not been contacted by Sessions office for any type of follow-up, nor has there been any announcement on whether Senator Sessions will evolve his position on cannabis, so we feel compelled to escalate our activism so that the Senator and President-Elect Trump hear us loud and clear. We cannot let decades of cannabis reform to be undone by an out of touch prohibitionist!!   See you Thursday at High Noon, Adam Eidinger Nikolas Schiller