IMG_0675 Secret Cup DC Flower Entry #44 (Honey Banana) This is gas right here. My sample of Entry #44 was full of smaller, well-manicured nugs that were both heavily dense and soft to the touch. The scent is a little off-putting but not overwhelming. It's earthy with strong undertones of spice. I poured it into my Raw organic pre-rolled cone and it smoked smooth all the way down. The adrenaline rush is immediate. It's like some mad geneticist has grafted the body high of Master Kush to the head rush of King Kong, decided that wasn't enough, and threw some Big Buddha Cheese in there to get that brain firing on so many cylinders you can't focus properly. I feel forced to call it Frankenstein Kush until I find out what it really is. All that energy has gotta go somewhere. You're gonna want to move around, go to a party (like the Secret Cup Awards Show tomorrow night!), something other than sit on the couch. Binge-watching TV isn't going to satisfy. It's good for anxiety, as your thoughts don't have time to settle, but there's no accompanying mood elevation. I would absolutely recommend this to friends out for a good time or athletes looking to get up for a workout, so it is daytime medicine. I would not recommend if you have things to do that require you be able to think straight, though, so it wouldn't have a place in my own Strain Rotation until I convince myself to exercise more. My Secret Cup Score: 8/10