13139121_233382417027468_155267592670139980_nSecret Cup DC Flower Entry #41

The Secret Cup DC is in town, in case ya ain't heard. The Gentleman's Judges Pack has arrived and, Hoo boy, this is a helluva lot of concentrates to sample! What I've really been impressed with so far is the 4 generous samples of flower- each batch rivals dispensary quality. First up is Flower #41- it was the most obviously sativa-leaning from its bright green coloring, loose nug structure, and the hot stank of dairy & diesel fuel. The nugs are beautiful & so covered in crystals you can even see it in the photo I took in my phone. But they were dried out like crazy- what the heck? Turns out the bottle had cracked & I left it out all night. Holler at me, I can get y'all better packaging then that! 13139344_233382413694135_4106697780412910456_n
The smoke is pleasant. It mostly affects the head, easing anxiety by allowing you to focus on the task at hand- whether it's work, social, or just watching TV. It is definitely a zone-out kind of focus but it leaves you sharp. I like it! I would definitely give it a spin thru my Strain Rotation. Based on the smell and effects of the flower, my best guess is that this strain is or related to Gorilla Glue. I'm going to call it Gorilla Cheese for now and throw the rest in with the Boveda to salvage, because I'm going to want more of this. My final score for this flower #41 is 8/10. I'd like a little more help with anxiety or adrenaline rush to make it perfect medicine for me, personally, but there is no doubt this is a top quality grower. Til next time, be kind, buds!