The Preroll Guys

Allow us to introduce you to The Preroll Guys, a new I-71 weed delivery service in Washington with an interesting twist. In a saturated cannabis market like the District’s, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, so coming up with a unique angle is becoming increasingly important. The Preroll Guys concept of made-to-order joints from a wide variety of flower strains and paper/natural wrap options certainly checks that box. 

“It started as a hobby,” The Preroll Guys tell me of the brand they launched last fall. “We just put it out there to see if there’s interest. DC’s a fast-paced city and people are big on prerolls since they’re always on the move. They want something quick and ready to smoke as they’re running around.” Thus was born an I-71 service dedicated to this niche of my fellow time-strapped cannabis enthusiasts. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Shopping at The Preroll Guys

The Preroll Guys bill themselves as an upscale cannabis club for men that sells art and apparel, then provides their made-to-order joints for free as a thank you gift. Placing an order with them is a straightforward process. Visit their website at to check out today’s menu (and Follow on Instagram @theprerollguys to be first to know about new gifts). The site is fairly comprehensive. You can find a handy graphic explaining I-71 and gifting cannabis, current prints for sale under the Shop tab, and a gallery of gift photos. The good stuff is under the Menu tab!

the preroll guys dc futurola joints photo

Made to Order Joints

The Preroll Guy’s menu is split into two sections, Prerolls/Flower and Edibles/Specialties. We’ve mentioned their made-to-order prerolls already, but get yourself a gander at all these options! TPG described their vision of the brand as “the Baskin-Robbins of prerolls”, and while we’re short of 31 flavors, we certainly aren’t lacking on choices. Noticing a lack of traditional blunt wraps on the menu, TPG emphasized to me that “clean smoke (tobacco-free) wraps are the trend of the future and a wave that we want to get behind.”

I’m into it! The Preroll Guys’ standard wrap options include half a dozen flavored papers, RAW cones, Element Cones, Big Bambu, organic hemp wraps, even sheets & funnel. From there you pick out your flower, which is split along Premium and Exotic choices (the latter is the higher tier). The Premium flower menu features more classic strains, while their Exotics list includes highly sought, modern genetics (like these Oreoz I reviewed back in 2021). You have two choices for size, Standard (half-gram) and King-Size (full gram). Joint packs are available in quantities of 5, 8, and 15. 

Specialty Prerolls

But wait, there’s more! The Preroll Guys has a whole section of single Specialty Prerolls, too. These include their rainbow-paper, gold-tip Glamour Prerolls, banana leaf vegan wraps, cornhusk wraps, and party-sized 11” extended joints. I tried out the banana leaf wraps and came away mighty impressed with how smooth they smoke. I couldn’t detect any influence on the flower’s flavor at all, like my doobie was wrapped in clouds. Oh! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, The Preroll Guys are breaking out joints lovingly wrapped with rose petals, how totes adorbz is that? 

rose petal joint photo

The Preroll Guys Edibles

The highlights of The Preroll Guys’ edibles menu are the Butter of Sheba tinctures and flower-infused baked treats from Athena’s Gifts that we reviewed in Our Favorite DC Edibles article, like their Cinnamon Toast Cereal Bar. The infused sweet & tart powder Wonder Stix look awfully intriguing, too. I mean, I could put down some Pixie Sticks in my day. 

the preroll guys fruit cereal bar weed edibles photo

The Preroll Guys Delivery Service

So once you’ve created your ultimate prerolls, getting them delivered is merely a phone call, text, or email away (ignore the shopping cart on the website). The Preroll Guys are open from 9am-9pm everyday. You’ll have to send a photo of your ID to confirm that you are 21 or older and thus, can legally receive cannabis gifts- this is a super common request among I-71 delivery services.  

The Preroll Guys offer both delivery and pick-up services, which means they can deliver to any District of Columbia address that is not federal property (like government buildings or the National Mall). If you’re only daytripping to the city, request pick-up service instead and they’ll provide a convenient address where you can meet them. That’s what I did when I originally mystery-shopped The Preroll Guys! Overall, the only way our interaction could have gone smoother would require the aid of telepathy or teleportation. Sigh. The older I get, the more I think that I’m never gonna get my mutant powers. Being human is boring and stupid and I hate it. Phooey.

Where was I? Right, right. So I texted my order to The Preroll Guys, requested pick-up, they gave me an address and a time to meet them. They were already there waiting for me with the promised bag full of spliffs when I arrived. I plucked out a RAW cone from my pack and waved goodbye as I walked away. Carpe diem, y’know, time waits for no fish, and all that jazz.

the preroll guys glamour raw cone futurola joints photo

The Preroll Guys: The Last Nug

TLDR? Gotcha. The Preroll Guys offer a unique I-71 made-to-order joints service in Washington DC with a wide selection of standard options, specialty prerolls, and some of the Gentleman’s favorite edibles. Oh, and hey! If you want to check out The Prerolls Guys for yourself on the cheap, you can find their current Deals right here. Snazzy!  

So what’s next for The Preroll Guys? “That’s the most challenging part of I-71, is planning ahead when you don’t know what’s going to happen with the law. I’ve seen what’s happened with other state’s legalization processes and the system is broken everywhere. I’m hoping that here in DC, we can set the precedent for other states to follow by incorporating the legacy market brands in the interest of social equity, which these politicians claim is important to them. Hello? We are the people you’re talking about.”