Here's your week in DMV weed news!


Last week, a neuroscientist's Op-Ed was published in the Baltimore Sun warning against marijuana legalization while they continue to study it. She cited a recent study that found cannabis can cause paranoia, delusion, and schizophrenia in those genetically predisposed.



This week, the Sun published a Letter to the Editor from a woman claiming her son had suffered just such a psychotic break. The details, however, sound suspicious. Give it a read and see what you think.

I called the Baltimore Sun and asked about their publication policies. For a Letter to the Editor, it sounds like they're pretty lax, but I'm waiting for confirmation as to whether any verification took place here.

To me, it reads like one of two things:

  1. Preparation for a lawsuit against a dispensary. FYI, you have to sign a paper saying you won't sue the dispensary before purchasing medicine. It's standard protocol in most dispensaries.
  2. Opportunistic Anti-cannabis propaganda from a plant like Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) based in Alexandria.



After some state prosecutors declared they would not prosecute any misdemeanor marijuana possession cases in their jurisdiction, like Portsmouth, a legal challenge has risen to these blanket policies. VA's Supreme Court will decide whether the prosecutors can, in fact, not prosecute these cases as policy.

HOWEVER, in practice, judges don't get to decide what cases are prosecuted. So no matter how this case turns out, the state prosecutors will still be able to execute their vision for cannabis reform. But quietly.

Lexology has put out a guide for Virginia employers regarding marijuana.Probably worth perusing if you're a patient or enthusiast residing in the Commonwealth, too.


Washington DC

Washington City Paper confirms what GT has been ranting about for years, until even I got tired of harping on it- the DC medical marijuana program has the highest prices in all of the US. They quote an average of nearly $600/ounce!

Frankly, that's not true- I'm certain prices in Hawaii MMJ are higher than DC, if only by a bit, and I'd expect the same from other recently-opened small state MMJ programs.

I've definitely seen it closer to $400 and down to $300 on select sale strains in most DC dispensaries, but there's no doubt DC MMJ costs too much. Even Eidinger finally gets in on the criticism. Bout damn time, guys. Geez.

VICE looks at the challenges specific to cannabis lobbying and declares the results after millions spent to be underwhelming. They make some good points but if the SAFE and/or STATES Acts pass this year, that would be substantial progress. Especially interesting:

"But there is growing recognition among Democrats, especially Democrats of color, that the cannabis industry is about profits first. Promises of social justice and racial equity successfully used to sell legalization are now looked upon with suspicion as a hollow and cynical sales pitch."


Need a place to stay and smoke in DC? The Washington Post looks at the rise of Bud & Breakfast's in the District. Local cannabis lawyer Josh Sanderlin chimes in with his opinion of which are more legit than others.