Purple Candy (HashApp)

Purple Candy (HashApp)

Today we'll be looking at a new DC gift weed delivery service called HashApp. They're not really an app, so don't worry, you don't have to download anything to your phone and worry about a team of rogue cybernetic black-op squads tracking you down for wetwork contracts between metaplot episodes cuz you wanted to get high. It's just a clever name, relax.

  • www.hashapp.org
  • Delivery & Pick-Ups
  • Open Mon-Fri 10am-10pm
  • Open Sat-Sun 12pm-10pm


Our review sample from HashApp is Purple Candy, a strain I've seen floating around DC lately whose genetics hail from British Columbia. Leafly thinks it's a cross between Mendocino Purps and BC Sweet Tooth. It bills it as an indica with sativa effects. We'll call it a hybrid!

Quick note- I never look anything up before a review. Wouldn't want to be unduly influenced!

The scent on this sample is right on the money. It's got that classic Purps aroma the Gentleman adores, a ripe combination of woodsy and warm spice, but the pungency levels off on a distinctly sweet note. Full marks!

Aesthetically, HashApp's Purple Candy checks all the boxes. My sample was properly cured and surprisingly fresh. The buds are plump, not dense, and grind down to near-perfect consistency. And it has that delightful smell, of course, which old, poorly-stored marijuana will lose over time.

Purple Candy HashApp DC weed

Aside from that, this Purple Candy sample is gushing with trichomes, glorious orange hairs and violet hues. The bag appeal here is superb.

It isn't as flavorful a smoke as idealized in my utopian NWO vision where we all get together and dance like no one's watching to world beats while helpful robots prepare our feast, but it's smooth enough for government work. Isn't that what you're going to use it for?


I smoked half a jay in the morning. It put some pep in my step but my mind was unfocused, prone to anxious wanderings. It was easier to browse the interwebs and catch up on NFL Free Agency for an hour or so. That OBJ trade is a Big Boy Move for the Browns!

Purple Candy nug
Same bud, more subdued lighting

I smoked a full half-gram joint in the afternoon and that really got my motor racing. Very energetic body high. It didn't calm my anxiety; it exacerbated it. My chest is thumping, my body riding shotgun to a rising panic attack. When I realized what was happening, I could look at it objectively and settle down.

After that I was fine. I found it helpful while trying to speak to other people, in fact, as I expounded my philosophical position on the role of media in society with great lucidity to my friendly driver with nary a ramble or tangent to be seen.

It was downright coherent. And now his mind is open to the fifth dimension, which means I don't have to tip. You are welcome, fellow Traveller.

Suggested Uses

HashApp's Purple Candy is potent stuff, not your everyday breakfast. It could be trouble for folks that experience anxiety and paranoia when they smoke. I'd try it before a workout so you I use the invigoration while balancing it with all-natural endorphins.

Yoga, meditation, socializing at the sock hop, maybe even studying...so long as you give yourself something to focus on besides whatever One Tree Hill you're going through, I think you'll find a good use for it.

Gentleman Approved!

I look at objective quality over effects, since those can be subjective, and HashApp's Purple Candy has got that in spades. HashApp has lots more gifts for you to choose from- check out the available selection on their website!

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