Presidential Kush (Spaced Out DC)

Presidential Kush nug

Presidential Kush (Spaced Out DC)

Happy Saturday, mes amis! Today our friends at I71 delivery fave Spaced Out DC have some sparkly Presidential Kush marijuana flowers (pictured above). to share with you! If that don't float your boat, Cap'n, well I'm sure we can find something on this nearly Baskin Robbins-sized list of gifts that will. If variety is the spice of life, then Spaced Out DC has, uhhhhhh...a lot of spices: Cherry Pie Komodo OG T.I.T.S. Star Field Death Pie Blackberry Blue Dream Jack Herer Cherry OG T.I.T.S. Frostbite Shishkaberry Mendo Purple Kush Hades Lemon Cake Green Crack Sticky Monkey Ken OG Chem Scout Sour T.I.T.S. Cookies Zombie Breath Sage & Sour Acid Dream Grape Chiesel Berry Pie Sugar Cap 

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