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Washington DC

Turns out police field tests can't tell the difference between CBD and THC. SHOCKED PIKACHU! This story affects everybody, but since it follows the experience of a CBD vendor at one of DC's pop-up events, we'll slot it here.

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It also details how a CBD shop owner in Fredericksburg got raided and their products seized. FPD defends their action because a state lab found the presence of THC, though they didn't answer what percentage was determined.

That's the important bit! It's known that hemp contains a small percentage of THC. And Virginia changed the law to mirror the federal definition back in March. But apparently cops & prosecutors aren't up to speed on the emergency legislation enacted.

“Everything is going to have to change and keep up with the laws,” Kirkpatrick [the FPD's spokesperson) told News4. “I think they may have to come out with a new field test.”

No doy. In the meantime, expect CBD to be treated like weed if you run into the law, and plan accordingly.



The Cannabis Business Association of Virginia recently launched to lobby for industry-friendly regulations in VA's new hemp and medical marijuana markets.

CannaBizVA is pushing to increase the number of licenses in the Commonwealth, arguing the current cap of 5 was based on a program that only allowed epilepsy as a treatable condition.

They're also seeking leniency on behalf of the many farmers who anticipated jumping on hemp's bandwagon this year. VA's Board of Agriculture has issued a statement that they cannot approve the manufacture, distribution or sale of CBD by Virginia hemp processors because the FDA currently regards it as illegal.

Uhh, that's not right. CBD's status with the FDA is not explicitly legal but that's not the same thing as illegal. But anyway! If it's disallowed in VA, that means the farmers will have to ship out of state for processing, incurring heavy unanticipated costs. And we all know VA loves its money, so that's the right tack to take, far as GT can see /spits

The most interesting nugget from this piece:

"Hemp farmers with a CBD oil market can expect about $10,000 to $12,000 an acre profit."




A Harford County was convicted as a "drug kingin" last month for:

  • possessing more than 50 pounds of marijuana
  • conspiracy to distribute marijuana
  • distribution of marijuana
  • possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

Seems kinda repetitive, no? Distribution and Conspiracy to Distribute and Possession with Intent to Distribute AND Possession? I mean...c'mon, dude. Really? Pick, like, two.

Know what's missing from the list of seized items? ANY OTHER DRUGS. DUDE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANY FIREARMS. So they're gonna lock this man away for 20 years for selling pot, a thing that's totally legal to do if you're rich & connected enough to get one of the 100 licenses issued by the state. Cuz of a Harford Co "kingpin" law.

And listen to this:

“Everybody thinks marijuana is not a problem and it is, it’s a huge problem,” (State's Attorney) Peisinger said. “That was about $2 million worth of poison in our county.”

POISON?!? Kentucky Fried Christmas! Do you kiss your Big Pharma reps with that mouth?