Podcast Ep. 37 | Stoners vs Cops: Best Practices for Bad Situations with Lonny Bramzon

EP. 37 | Stoners vs Cops: Best Practices for Bad Situations w/Lonny Bramzon



March 7 • 61 Mins.

This week we're seeking the counsel of criminal defense attorney turned cannabis market mogul Lonny "The Street Lawyer" Bramzon for practical advice on how cannabis patients, consumers, employees, & business owners should interact with law enforcement on those occasions it becomes necessary. We'll discuss the validity of common advice we've seen on social media, how you should handle yourself during interrogation, how LE exploits probable cause, raids against unlicensed weed shops, and much more. Plus! The Gentleman lays out likely hemp industry changes coming up in this year's Farm Bill, backsliding on legalization in Virginia, & a Columbia University study into whether sungrown weed is better than indoor.

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