Podcast Ep. 17 | Secrets of an Artisan Hash Farm w/Ras Kaya Paul

EP. 17 | Secrets of an Artisan Hash Farm w/Ras Kaya Paul



Oct 18 • 42 Mins.

Hydrocarbon extracts may have reinvigorated America’s interest in concentrates, but the high-end market these days has decidedly moved towards full-spectrum options like hash, rosin, and hash rosin. Ras Kaya Paul, founder of Pacific NW Roots and one of the premier hash artisans in the US, provides an introductory lesson on how his multiple award-winning small-batch hash is made, discusses the challenges & benefits of moving from the traditional market to licensed operator, and much more in this episode. Also: OSHA reports a cannabis industry worker death at Trulieve’s facility from inhalation of particulates while making pre-rolls, California looking into protecting legacy cultivars and preventing monopolies, and the Oneida Indian Nation’s entrance into the New York cannabis market. So many facts, your brain will certainly wrinkle!

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