Podcast Ep. 30 | New York Spotlight with Grower's Cup Judge Roger Boofington

EP. 30 | New York Spotlight with NY Grower's Cup Judge Roger Boofington



Jan 17 • 50 Mins.

New York's rapidly evolving cannabis space has constantly been in the news post-legalization, so this week we've put together the most important stories to bring you up to speed on legal weed's progress in the Empire State! From the proliferation of unlicensed shops, Mayor Adams' joint task force to crack down on them, the report sponsored by the Medical Cannabis Industry Association that accuses their traditional market competition of tainted products and inaccurate test scores to the state's robust social equity initiatives, potential conflicts of interest in the Social Equity Fund's management, and a look at Housing Works, the non-profit that opened the first retail dispensary in NY state in Dec '22, the Gentleman has you covered. Want more? You got it, boss! Community interest in the inaugural New York Grower's Cup was intense, with over 90 samples submitted by local cultivators. Roger Boofington joins the show to share an inside view of the competition and a local perspective on navigating New York's flourishing cannabis scene.

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