Pink Rabbit Collective is one of the brands growing quality cannabis right here in DC that I'm all atwitter about recently. Not literally, Twitter is scary AF. Like, all the people who are supposed to be the grown-ups leading this country are on there yelling at each other all the time. Remember after the Arab Spring, when pundits pontificated on social media's potential to foster unity? Insert crying/laughing emoji here (darn, the blog doesn't do emojis). Anyway, the Collective was originally reviewed by our amigo, Judge Bud Green, to whom we wish happy trails and vaya con Dios, but it was about time the Gentleman got in on the action. Actually, I already knew the stuff was good cuz I got a sweet little sample of their Blue Dream a while back and it was quite pleasant. I've been bothering them ever since to let me do a follow up review personally! I'm excited to share two of the newest strains on the PRC gift menu with you today, my noble Koopa Troopas- the ever-popular Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush. [caption id="attachment_45727" align="alignnone" width="150"]pink rabbit logo Join the Collective today![/caption] So you have to join the Collective. Once you do, you have access to their menu and delivery services. An upgraded membership provides discounts on their Alice In Wonderland themed packages of stoner essentials like lighters, rolling papers, pipes, grinders, and so on. Each package purchased gets you at least one ticket for their weekly giveaways- bigger packages net more chances to win. And of course, some free flowers! Want to try your hand at baking your own edibles for the holidays? The Dormouse Home Baker Pack comes with 10 PRC-approved cannabis recipes along with an ounce of sugar leaf and trim. Gotta love I-71! [caption id="attachment_3132" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Bubba Kush[/caption] Pink Rabbit Collective dropped off an eighth of smallish and popcorn nugs of their Bubba Kush to check out and some heftier samples of the Sour Diesel. Other than the bud size, the flowers, predictably, have a lot in common. Both have a sweet, earthy nose and reveal their more subtle notes once ground- a delightful dark chocolate in Bubba's case and a little taste of that high-octane ultraviolence on the Sour D. Both had the balanced moisture indicative of a proper cure, while being a little light on visible trichomes. Most importantly, both were exceptionally smooth, pleasant, potent smokes. [caption id="attachment_3133" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Bubba Kush[/caption] I smoked most of the Bubba Kush while binging through Fincher's MINDHUNTER, the tale of how the FBI started profiling mass murderers set against the background of America's sexual revolution (based on a true story according to...POPSUGAR? Sure, that works). Think Mad Men meets Silence of the Lambs with a real life rogue's gallery of serial killers. It is gripping. Pink Rabbit's Bubba certainly had me in the right mood, gluing me solid to the couch for hours, 'til my media input reached max and it was off to nightmare-land. I really should make myself watch an episode of Fuller House before I go to bed as a mental palate cleanser. [caption id="attachment_3134" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Sour Diesel[/caption] Just as Blueberry is my benchmark for what a "true" indica can be, Sour Diesel is (to me) the quintessential sativa. Pink Rabbit Collective has grown a remarkable fatigue fighter with this strain. Given the four hours of sleep I got last night, I should by all rights be completely unable to think clear enough to write, but here I am. Okay, the delicious Juniper Latte from Starbucks is definitely playing a role there, as my sweating palms will attest, but it was the Sour D that got my butt into a productive gear this morning. The cool thing about Pink Rabbit's Diesel is that it's mentally invigorating but doesn't get my heart and mind racing. I feel calm and alert, with a reserve of energy to tackle the day. Heard enough extolling of Pink Rabbit Collective's many virtues? Ready to get your hands on Alice's goodies before your favorite Mad Hatter smokes it all? Jolly good, sir. Here's their website so you can check it out. And a mailing list. Oops, wait, that's mine. How'd that get in here? Oh, well, you might as well sign up and get the scoop on hot news I know you'll want to hear and further insights from your friendly, neighborhood Gentleman!

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