Hello again, DC! If you're wondering where your new amigo Judge Bud Green has been (awwwww), blame Pink Rabbit Collective! This Initiative 71 canna-brand's delightful assortment of delivery gifts kept me locked in a happy, fuzzy haze for the past couple weeks. They generously allowed me to sample their excellent Gorilla Glue #4 Flower. Hot damn! If you want to join the Collective (you do), you can find them online at www.pinkrabbitcollective.com. Oh! Collective members are also able to attend Pink Rabbit's events, like their upcoming Danksgiving Celebration. Pink Rabbit Collective flower 

Pink Rabbit Collective's flowers are killer. I tried two of their strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and Blue Dream. Both are very familiar strains to me and PRC’s gifts are some of the better examples of each strain that I have encountered in my almost three decades of debauchery. PRC's Gorilla Glue was a really pleasant surprise. The strain is highly rated, but has never been my first choice among sativa hybrids. The flowers from PRC, however, were great.  After being grinded they opened up to produce a really smooth smoke with a pungent but not bitter flavor.  The high was pure sativa. Want to know how it felt?  Listen to the Blackalicious song “Do This My Way.” That is how a perfect sativa makes me feel.  The Blue Dream was perfectly cured, fully crystallized, and made me pull out the flowers and smell and stare at them multiple times. Burning them felt like destroying art. I did it anyway. 

 Pink Rabbit Collective sativa

Verdict: I think Pink Rabbit Collective is cutting new I-71 ground. Top-notch service, a level of discretion that would come with that service, and a wonderful diversity of gifts. When we dreamt what a post-prohibition world could look like, this is pretty close. Pink Rabbit's flowers especially felt fresh and essentially artisanal.  These were not buds that just had a strain name just slapped on them, they were proud representatives of their family name.  I shall carry the Pink Rabbit's banner proudly in the Rodent Wars to come.