Orange Cookies (Bagged Buds)

While you're out getting gifts for all the Whos in your Whoville, don't neglect to get one for yourself, honey! You deserve something nice, you've been awfully good this year. Well, other than The Incident with The Neighbors, but the siding was replaced months ago and Bob's limp is hardly even noticeable now, so I think the Weed Santas at I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds will look past it and gift you some of these pungent Orange Cookies anyway. But no more...indiscretions. Agreed? I don't care who started it! I just want to be invited back to the potluck! God, it's like you don't even listen sometimes. No, I don't want to snuggle right now! Go to the couch! Yes! Banished. Go. Don't give me that face.

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