Congratulations! You underestimated the power of a little THC in your gummy bear or recklessly pushed yourself beyond your tolerance. Either way, you have come to the official conclusion, after exhaustively weighing the evidence (Exhibit A, the mirthless spider-clowns pouring out of your eye sockets), that you are way too freakin’ high. You are too old to be this high. Or too young to die. Both, probably. Oh, man, Maureen Dowd tried to warn you about this, didn’t she? And she does finance, right? Like the Dow Jones? No, you’ll figure that out later, after you’ve dealt with the soldier-minions of the Mosquito Queen. 
Woah, hold on there, Ash. If you’re the kind of smart, good-looking, hyper-sexual genius that reads snazzy articles, you will not have wound up in this dire position, gibbering madly while the fate of all you know and love is decided by the cold, unfeeling masters of the dark Abyss! First, the testing results out of fully legalized states shows that even professionally made cannabis treats vary wildly in THC levels from what is indicated on the packaging. Second, your own tolerance to edibles doesn’t correspond to your tolerance to smoking.  And lastly, the science is still out on how ingested cannabis works.  I've had folks tell me that CBD oil will bring down your edible buzz; one really intelligent baker told me that he always keeps grapefruit juice on hand to alter the pH in your stomach, but then I tried to research this remedy and found several links (like this one) stating it got you higher!  So who the hell knows?
You need to take it slow and learn your tolerance for edibles. It will be frustrating at first since you’re losing money and not feeling medicated, but Real Talk: you don’t want to be the dude on the news calling the cops on himself because he’s too high.