Well, hello, dear website reader, and can I just say, don't you look smashing today! Did you do something new with your hair? Ok, I've exhausted my human conversational skills. I just wanted to show you some pretty green pictures today. Got some Romulan and some Tangie x Super Silver Haze, here, lookit! Our awesome friends over at KindBag came through with this fragrant bouquet of flowers that reminded me just why I like to recommend folks check 'em out. This pretty lady is Romulan. The nose is mostly sweet with soft pine undertones and a hint of warm spice. I find this indica quite relaxing with a heavy head buzz suitable for sleep. I hope there's some of this lovely flower left for you! You're looking at Tangie x Silver Lemon Haze here and the head on this one is incredible, all gas and citrus. The limonene mellows out that diesel rush, resulting in an upbeat, mellow sativa.