Holiday Gift Box joint delivery co

Ho ho ho, my rambunctious, red-nosed reindeer! Imagine the glee on your favorite stoner's face when they open your present Christmas morning and it's weed. They're gonna be so happy! Oooh, I'm smiling just thinking about it! Joint Delivery Co is promoting their new Bulb Wellness brand with their Holiday Gift Box. Every Holiday Gift Box comes with an eighth of flower, a Jetty's Extracts Gold Vape Cartridge, and a bag of Jetty's Mind Tricks infused toffees (100mg THC per bag), which is a fantastic value on its own BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. Mine also came with a Grav Labs spoon pipe (you might get a Twistys Glass Blunt instead- either way, fresh glass is always welcome), a vape battery & charger for the cartridge, a spool of hempwick and a teeny bottle of Rez Block to keep your dab rig clean.




Yes, that's where I got the bag of Jetty's Mind Tricks for my own very special giveaway which you should totally sign up for by subscribing to my newsletter. Thank you, Joint Delivery Co! Now, can we get a close-up of those Blueberry Lemonade flowers, please?

joint delivery co nugs

Not only is she frosty, but the nose is a terrific mix of berries and citrus. I am digging these flowers, baby!


If you Follow Bulb Wellness on Instagram, they're only on day three of their 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! See their Instagram page for further details but all you gotta do is Follow and then Tag your friends (unlimited entries). There's still time to get in on today's contest for a This Thing Rips Dab Torch. Then there's nine more days of cool stuff!

PS It's Ok to get a Holiday Gift Box for yourself, amigo.

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