Ok ok ok I can't believe I've been sitting on this for days now BUT ANYWAY my mighty, magical mollusks can finally taste that delicious, extra-potent CO2 oil from DC Xtracts I've gone on and on about (and will continue to do so- I got to check out the lab recently and watch the geniuses at work, pics soon!) because it's NOW AVAILABLE for delivery from our good friends at DC TeaPad. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! [caption id="attachment_2737" align="aligncenter" width="300"] FREE 25MG PACK OF CANDY WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER! ENTER CODE TOKER AT CHECKOUT[/caption] DC TeaPad has DC Xtracts vape cartridges- this one's had Grandaddy Purp terps added back in for a little extra flavor and relaxation- and Green Crack CO2 in a Dab-licator. Personally, I like DC Xtracts unadulterated oil, it's got a very clean, wholesome flavor with a well-rounded, all-encompassing high, like it lit up every receptor from my head down to my toes, man. Oh, shit, those aren't my toes. Duuuuude. [caption id="attachment_3377" align="aligncenter" width="720"] The Ambrosia...[/caption] Just squeeze a little drop (or measure out a dose, ya big stud, ya) directly into your heated banger or whatever device you're dabbing with (have you checked out my VUBER portable Dabber review?). No tools, no mess, just happy and focused sativa-head all day. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! THAT WON'T BE LONG! YOU BETTER GET SOME NOW! [caption id="attachment_3375" align="aligncenter" width="720"] You can't have mine.[/caption]