Yes! I got to a Now Available post while everything is still, y'know, available. Watch out now, I'm gettin' good at this!

I love a good Mash-Up, don't you? There's this one of Oasis and Green Day (don't forget Eminem and  Scottish slow-rockers Travis) that I've loved for-ever.

Right, but the point of this post is that a full menu of Cherry Blossom Confections' most delectable edibles is ahahaha NOW AVAILABLE! from our amigos muy buenos at Canamelo. Go on and try some, Mikey, you're gonna like 'em.

Hold on, haven't seen that before. Can we get a close up?

Ah, thank you, Skeeter. That's Cherry Blossom Confections' newest, most potent goodie (semi-exclusive to Canamelo), a Popcorn Ball infused with 100mg of tetrahydrocannabigoodness. Stock up now cuz you know how busy this city gets once all the tourists (hi y'all!) start rolling into town for the Fourth, folks.

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