[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Holistic Alternatives photo[/caption] Holistic Remedies/Organic Wellness have been dropping some new strains on us in the past few weeks, but I'm most excited about the Orange Sunshine that just popped up on the menu (above)!  The described effects sound right up my alley: "This even sativa-indica hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 50:50) gets its name from the legendary strain of LSD made famous in the 1970s. Fittingly, this potent strain delivers a peppy, upbeat high with calming effects. Orange Sunshine descends from a California Orange hybrid and an unknown sativa with fruity characteristics. The high is a combination of cerebral and body buzz, with an immediate head rush followed by a deeply relaxing indica high. As its name suggests, it smells and tastes of oranges and other varieties of citrus. The high may be useful in treating anxiety and depression, but beyond that its potential uses are largely unexplored." Yes, yes, yes.  That sounds positively delightful and I admit a partiality to citrus terpenes.  I've been dying to try Abatin Wellness' Cali Orange just to taste it, but can't convince myself to spend money on bud that tests 10% THC.  I'll definitely give this one a whirl and let y'all know what I think.  There's another strain I want to try but it isn't available at my dispensary right now and DC only lets patients choose one. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Hawaiian Trainwreck (Takoma Wellness' photo)[/caption] Holistic Remedies consistently puts out great flower, but this photo of the Hawaiian Trainwreck is the closest I'll be able to get to it for now, as it is only available at Takoma Wellness currently.  Their marketing description is succinct: "A phenotype of Pineapple Express, This hard-hitting sativa provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Rutherford B. Haze (Herbal Alternatives' photo)[/caption] The other new one is Rutherford B. Haze, named after our 19th President, a high THC/high CBD strain that's more widely available (HA, TWC, and MWC all have it).  Herbal Alternatives describes it as: "Lineage coming from Cannatonic LR1 and East-Coast Blue Dream. The effects are sativa-hybrid like, very uplifting and creative. Great strain to combat anxiety and/or depression during the day. Because of its high CBD content, inflammation and muscle spasms are eased." I won't be trying that one myself, but if y'all like it, drop me a line and let me know! There's a new concentrate product from these folks, as well.  I don't recall them ever squishing two strains together into oil but I've talked to several people on both sides of the industry that are exploring these possibilities! In this case, Holistic Remedies has married Blue Dream to MediHaze.  The result is reported to be 52% THC and 47.3% CBD so again, not for me, but I would love to see some Master Kush x Lemon Skunk if you're taking requests. FYI, friends- no more Weekly Roundups, I'll just be posting individual news items faster.  Content, baby!