Quick, before we get started, you should really sign up for my email newsletter because I'm giving away free weed again this week!  I've still got some Laughing Buddha left but I won't after you win it!  I'm taking subscriber entries until Friday, 9/2 at 12am EST and I'll announce the winner on my 9/3 post. Alrighty then.  We've got two new flowers that hit menus this week but the most interesting update from DC's medical marijuana program is new cultivator Apelles' entry into the concentrate market.  I've mentioned that Capital City Care and Apelles are related- I combine their strains on my Price Index- and CCC has often featured the sort of hash that comes to mind for old-timers.  They even boast one full-melt on the menu today for $30/half gram.  Of course, District medical patients are restricted to a single dispensary and I've never seen their hash on anyone else's menu.  The related Apelles brand has had flowers featured at all of the dispensaries, however, so I'm certain we'll see more from their deep flower roster  but today only Metropolitan Wellness Center has their micro-planed, ice water extracted bubble hash.  I don't recall seeing the Blue Cheese strain available from Apelles previously, but this wouldn't be the first time that a concentrate showed up before the flowers did.

Apelles Blue Cheese Bubble Hash

Here's a very informative series of posts I found on Rollitup.org about how to make bubble hash from hashmaster Matt Rize, if you're curious.  It's worth noting that Rize claims his proficiency with this kitchen tool is the result of many years of experience, so you may have some growing pains.  I found some posts scattered around other forums where people felt they were shredding their fingers.

Critical Kush from Apelles 

Critical Kush new batch from Apelles

It's definitely worth noting here that Apelles flower quality is progressing faster than I had hoped!  While the Holy Grail Purps I saw were still very stemmy, the Blue OG looked nice and fluffy.  I had zero hesitation about purchasing the newest batch of my preferred sleep aid, Critical Kush, upon inspection.  I haven't seen this strain around from Holistic Remedies recently so I'm really glad to see the improvement since the first time I tried Apelles' version about a month ago. 

Heavy Duty Frutti by Holistic Remediess 

Heavy Duty Frutti by Holistic Remedies

Speaking of Holistic Remedies, their Orange Sunshine was every bit as good as promised.  Y'all can expect a review of that new favorite soon.  They've got another new strain out, though it's only available at Takoma Wellness right now- Heavy Duty Fruity.  The most interesting thing about this is that it coincides with the preponderance of HDF x Chem91 that's been going around the recreational scene (I got my seeds as a free gift from a hydro shop at a convention waaaaay back in the spring).  The pictures I've seen of this strain growing have been really impressive and I certainly intend to pop mine. 

Sweetest Taboo from District Growers 

Sweetest Taboo from District Growers

The last I mention out of completeness, a new strain from District Growers called Sweetest Taboo.  All their flowers have hipster names that don't make them worth the extra cost and it seems the other dispensaries agree, as I've seen very few District Growers strains on menus other than MWC's recently.  This Gentleman is all about top shelf but District Growers doesn't often deliver it.  Props where deserved (we still say 'props' right, guys?), the Buffalo Soldier is one fine lady.  The Sour Diesel and the Ed Rosenthal Super Bud both failed to satisfy- they're ok, but missing some oomph.  I drew the line at the Nebuchadnezzar, though (Takoma renamed this Space Oddity out of a perfectly reasonable rejection to the Babylonian king that razed Jerusalem's temple and gave a nod to the late David Bowie, instead).  I intensely disliked this flower as it seemed there was little synergy between its light, mentally-stimulating Haze and heavy, psychically-dulling Kush effects. To be clear, I don't avoid District Growers because of the high cost, I avoid them because the product isn't up to the consistent standards of the other cultivators.  But hey, they have a new strain for $340 a half-ounce if you're interested...