Thanks very much to DCMJ who got GT the hot-off-the-presses release from the DC Council that a new dispensary has been approved that will have to be located in one of two predominantly black, lower-income Wards, 7 and 8.  Ward 7 include the neighborhoods of Congress Heights, Barry Farm, and Fairlawn; Ward 8 includes Deanwood, Greenway, intersected by Benning Road.  It’s still up to the mayor to sign it, or veto it, in which case the Council can override the veto. As stated in the proposal by Councilmember Yvette M. Alexander, “although approximately 25% of all medical marijuana qualifying patients reside in Wards 7 and 8, there are no medical marijuana dispensaries east of the Anacostia River.”  The open application process will begin with 60 days of receiving Mayoral approval of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Emergency Amendment Act of 2016, which was passed yesterday. “A medical marijuana program that requires qualifying patients to travel across the city does not encourage the utilization of that program,” Councilmember Alexander claims in the proposal, and while I’m all for more dispensaries, I think it’s the pricing that’s keeping people away, not the distance. I mean, I know folks that’ll meet you under a bridge at midnight for a dubsack, I don’t think the distance to weed is the biggest problem for the DC medical marijuana community. It’s concentrates starting at $90 a gram and the vast majority of flowers clocking in at $400 an ounce (so if you’re poor enough to qualify for a 20% discount plan, you’ll only pay $320 an ounce; huzzah!)

It’s still news to celebrate.  And if you have a board of millionaires ready to pump cash into making your Green Dreams come true (I doubt there are many right now with AG Sessions looming), then get your paperwork in order and get ready to compete! Ah, I’m kidding, they probably already know who’s gonna win before the enrollment period begins. But they’ll take your application cash! Yessir, you betcha.

Thanks also to the other Councilmembers that supported and passed this legislation. Good luck to the companies competing to be DC’s sixth medical marijuana dispensary!



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