Maaaan, the Gentleman turns his back for five seconds and these dudes are sellin' Moon Rocks. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]GoDawg from Alternative Solutions GoDawg from Alternative Solutions[/caption] I've had Moon Rocks before, the original ones from Kurupt. I got 'em at the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2015. They sold them all three days of the festival and on the first day, they were $30. The second, you had to wait in line and they were $35. If you waited until the last day of the Cup like a dummy (me), you paid a handsome $40 for the privilege. When I did smoke some of it, later that night, it put me out like a light- and you can imagine how much I had been smoking during my stay in the Mile High City.  So, ok, Alternative Solutions is currently offering two Moon Rocks to DC medical marijuana patients for $60 each. The first is creatively named GoDawg, as it combines .75 g of Goji OG Flower, .5g of Goji rosin, & .5g of Chemdawg kief. The second is Triple Cheese- Blue Cheese Flower & Rosin along with Original Cheese kief. Tempting! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]8th & Penn COTUS Cookies 8th & Penn Infused COTUS Cookies - Metropolitan Wellness' photo[/caption]   A-ha! I knew, once we got the Rebel Kitchen Buttah, it was only a matter of time until infused cookies and what not hit the DC dispensaries. Well, the rush is on, but it's only at Metropolitan Wellness Center.  I can dig it- I asked what they were going to do to stand out from the other dispensaries (since their prices are so high) and they've come back with a lock on decently priced edibles. Of course, since I'm not a patient there, I can't try them (I'm also blocked from MWC's Twitter, apparently, haha). If they're popular, though, I expect we'll see them at the other shops soon. When I started this post last week, the 8th & Penn brand (it's gotta be District Growers' kitchen- AFAIK, the other cultivators do not have a kitchen yet. MWC & DG have a close relationship, you'll remember). it was just these Rice Krispies bars called Capitol Crisps ($13 for a 30mg treat, $18 for a reported 45mg dose).  Now they also have COTUS (Cookie of the United States, ha!) available in 30mg ($14) or 60mg ($25). Finally, there's the Commander-in-Cheef Bar, 60mg, $27. You can check out the listed ingredients on StickyGuide. They don't make any mention of what strains were used. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Land of Flowers, Abatin Wellness and District Growers have both been busy with some new strains for us. Abatin has dropped Tropical Punch and Classic OG Haze (oh yeah!) from their greenhouse, while District Growers has come out with Star 51 and Funkology. All the photos are from Takoma this time cuz I'm in a holiday rush like all of you. Time waits for no Gentleman, baby! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Abatin's Tropical Punch Abatin's Tropical Punch[/caption] "Tropical Punch is a hybrid strain, This strain's genetics include: Island Sweet Skunk (ISS), and Haze. Tropical Punch has a similar but more rounded taste and smell than the ISS generally has. Sweet and exotic, this is a tropical getaway in a bowl!It originates from: Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Thailand. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief." (text from NHHC)   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Abatin's Classic OG Haze Abatin's Classic OG Haze[/caption] Very little text to go on here- from TWC: "Classic OG Haze is a limonene/caryophyllene dominant hybrid and provides inspirational yet calming effects." Herbal Alternatives adds "This strains provides the uplifting sativa effects coming from the Haze and the relaxing and calming effects from the infamous OG Kush! Best used during evening hours to treat stress and anxiety." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] District Growers' Star 51[/caption] "This strain was bred with those patient's needing daytime relief in mind. Her high THC and lower CBD levels yield a very clear psychoactive effect without tiredness or lethargy allowing a patient to get the relief they need without the sleep inducing results of other strains with higher levels of CBD. Owing largely to her Super Silver Haze lineage, her taste is very sweet and smooth - sort of like peaches and cream - making her a rather tasty treat as well. Star 51 is beneficial in relieving, aches and pains, nausea and vomiting, fighting headaches (or migraines), promoting hunger and increasing appetite while limiting tiredness and lethargy. Additionally because of the superior psychoactive results, Star 51 serves as a quality uplifting stimulant helpful is fighting depression. All of the above makes Star 51 a solid choice as a daytime strain." (District Growers' marketing text) [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]District Growers' Funkology District Growers' Funkology[/caption] "Good evening, do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong, we have taken control as to bring you this special show, we will return it to you as soon as you are grooving, welcome to station, Funkology! Like many of District Growers strains, Funkology is a tip of the hat to the group Parliament-Funkadelic. Put any of their infamous tracks on, twist up some Funkology and have an experience grooving like so many have enjoyed over the years, but with a new District Growers funky twist. As a true mystery genetic given to us in a random bag of seeds from one of the first DC seed shares, we’ve had a fun time studying at the school of Funkology. Growing with a beautiful blend of hybrid plant structures and aesthetics, some of which seem to lean closer to traditional indica traits, we are excited to gain feedback from the patients of the District’s medical program on what we hope are some funkadelic effects. One thing we know for sure you’ll enjoy, as we’ve been enjoying it wherever this strain seems to be is Funkology’s instance and very intriguing funk. One smell and you’ll be asking your budtender, Make my funk the Funkology, I wants to get funked up!" (District Growers' marketing text) Edibles, Moon Rocks, new flowers- that's what's on my Christmas list. I CAN'T SMOKE SWEATERS, MOM!