third annual national cannabis festival poster The National Cannabis Festival is back in 2018 and just around the corner! The RFK Stadium grounds are going to be quite hazy on 4/21, baby. GT faves like Bulb Wellness and Phone Homie will have booths, King Weedy Collective is hosting the lounges, and Cypress freaking Hill, man! I've actually never seen them perform, but remember Insane in the Membrane playing at a party I went to in middle school. YES I GOT INVITED TO PARTIES SOMETIMES, JERK. Beau Young Prince will be there, as is DC go-go institution Backyard Band. It's DC's biggest weed party of the year and tickets are still available! But would you rather go for free? I can dig it! One of my newsletter subscribers just won my first pair of tickets to the show. Check your email, maybe it's you! But if you didn't win, or- gasp- you haven't signed up yet, then calm yourself, youngling. Sign up today cuz I'm giving out my second pair NEXT Friday! You could still be a winner! You'll show them! YOU'LL SHOW THEM ALL!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahahah...ah. That's better. Check out NCF's website for more info on their exhibitors, musicians, questions about whether you can bring a lawnchair, or your bong, or whatever. See ya on 4/21, baby!