Washington DC

People were shot at two suspected marijuana pop-up events last weekend. 
- Tysean Dunkins, 25, attempted to rob the Hubbly Bubbly hookah bar and died of his wounds. 
- a man leaving a pop-up with a backpack was robbed and shot. He is expected to recover. Vendor or customer is unclear. 
- "Officers were looking for a white or beige four-door sedan with a roof window in connection with that shooting." 

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I have been exceedingly direct in my caution against attending these events since the police raids started. Robberies of vendors aren't new either but now they're making the paper. Avoid avoid avoid.



Maryland is gonna fix its management-agreement ownership mess by explicitly allowing management agreements. HEYO! The Maryland-based businesses are having a hard time competing against multi-state conglomerates already, but not to worry:

"West, a Baltimore County Republican, argues that the five-store cap could help small independent operators by allowing them to sell to another dispensary owner if they run into financial difficulties." 

Well, why didn't you say so? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, BABY!

Without laws that explicitly state all products have to be sold at the same price to every dispensary, local entrepreneurs will be squeezed out in short order. Do not pass GO do not collect $200!



Is the state's medical marijuana program on a COLLISION COURSE with the new Farm Bill-powered Hemp CBD industry? Yuppers! Love this quote from the founder of Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition:

"They want it all. They want everything under their wing,” Amatucci said. “They want total crony capitalism where they have five vertically integrated companies that have pure dominion over all things cannabis in Virginia. And that’s just not going to fly.”

PLUS! Operation Icemelt nets a big bust in Central VA- approx 18 pounds of weed along with heroin, MDMA, meth, coke, and more were seized. 28 people were arrested and another 15 are wanted fugitives.