Motor Breath (Diamond City Delivery)

Motor Breath nugs Ah, another government shutdown looms. What could be more fun than A Christmas Purge? It'll be just like Fortnite IRL! Plus I've already got my own dance! But I can't show you til the patent is approved, Epic ain't jackin' this sweet GT joint like they did Carlton. It's very sexy, I assure you. It has to be, otherwise I don't eat. Wait, we're gonna need some pretty flowers to go with! Today's gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery includes Gelato, Fruity Pebbles, Platinum Cookies, Sour Jack, and Motor Breath (pictured above). You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Ooh, also! Dibs on the sniper rifle.

Review: Pink Kush

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