Moon Rocks from Terpy Solutions
DC's young cannabis industry continues to grow with ambitious new outfits like Terpy Solutions, sprouting like weeds (teehee) among the Nation's Capital to serve the demand left by Congress' interference in the full implementation of Initiative 71. I sat down with them and came away impressed with their plans to disrupt the game with locally grown, next level-quality flowers and concentrates. Their flagship offering is a combination of the two, the swirly, sprinkled treat called Moon Rocks that folks in the District have been absolutely clamoring for. We're gonna get to it! But you know that I can't just let Dino-Spicer's comments last week stand without clapping back. If you'd like to skip this week's rant, just scroll down past Red Foreman to get to the juicy deets. Who loves ya, baby? Like the rest of the cannabis industry (squee, that's me, I'm a thing!), I was beside myself after reading Trump's Press Secretary's comments regarding their Muppet Administration's stance on cannabis legalization, regardless of their support for medical marijuana. I mean, kudos for that, it's a big step, pretty awesome, the gleaming slab of finely marbled bacon on this shit sandwich. But then the dirty, scheming, prohibitionist SOBs try to blame cannabis legalization for the opiate crisis. Hey, we know why there's an opiate crisis- why don't you ask the CD-fucking-C (don't worry, I screenshot it in case the Inter-Nazis take that link down). Look, I went to the doctor a couple years ago and had a cold when I went to see him. He prescribed Tylenol with codeine for my cough because it sounded "uncomfortable." Codeine. For a cough. Why, it's almost like there was some kind of conspiracy by Big Pharma to pump the American populace full of a super-addictive drug. Wait, that sounds familiar... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Like a line from a song in a dream I can't remember...[/caption] Oh, right, and then there's the data confirming that emergency room visits due to overdose are down in those states with a medical cannabis program. So, ignore data, ignore the science, and go on with what WASPy old dudes second favorite thing to do, telling other people how to live (first, I hear, is rubbing strange ointments on their sunken chests while stuffing money up their privates). Like our new Attorney General Sessions going on about it being “an unhealthy practice, and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago, and we’re seeing real violence around that.” Listen, here's what's up. As I said on Heart of the City last Thursday night: Cannabis Prohibition has always been a means to silence dissent and resistance among the minorities and youth of America, as Nixon's aide confessed. The aim of the War on Drugs is to arrest us, take away our right to vote against them, give us records that deeply impair our chances at education & employment, and to use the fear of these consequences as a tool to cow the rest of society to fall in line, all while turning a tidy profit for the corporate prison system. Because corporations have to turn a profit, which means there have to be full jails. Overcrowded, ideally. Hotels and airlines call it over-booking. Better to sell a seat twice then not at all, ya get my Tokyo drift? My point is, Prohibition has never been about whether cannabis is safe. If our leaders cared about safe, they would ban guns, alcohol, cigarettes, and driving around in automobiles above 20 mph, all of which can ACTUALLY kill you. I call bullshit. Get ready for the 4/24 protest! It's vital that we get out en masse and remind them that the War on Drugs doesn't work and that we, the people, will no longer stand for this false flag operation perpetrated by the government against its own citizens. Right, so in summary- tell the doctors to stop prescribing so many fucking opiates and the opiate crisis goes away. I just saved you bitches millions of dollars in committees and studies. No need to thank me. I appreciate your patience. Let's talk Moon Rocks. If you're unfamiliar, Moon Rocks are cannabis flower dipped in concentrate, then covered with kief (loose trichomes). They are the definition of decadence, as the concentrate would definitely get you higher if you just dabbed it. Of course, some folks haven't started dabbing yet, so this would be a baby step in that direction. Personally, I don't always want a dab, but need a stronger punch than flower provides. Terpy Solutions had two different samples for the Gentleman to check out. The first is Coconut Kush kief smeared all over a nug of The Truth via Blue City Diesel shatter. Yum! I noticed a slight flavor akin to the smell of coconut husks. The thick, full-bodied smoke produced an interesting combination of effects. The first thing I noticed was how clear, and quick, my thoughts came. I set about ordering my day reflexively, though it offered little anxiety relief or mood stimulation. In a few minutes, the tension in my neck and back had significantly eased. Overall, though, I felt chill- a bit tired, in fact- so I settled down to watch music videos on YouTube for a while, as I was feeling particularly receptive to music. Our next selection was my personal favorite- Guava Chem flower soaked in Sour Diesel Shatter and rolled in the same, flavorful Coconut Kush kief. That same huskiness was present along with a sour citrusy taste that is unmistakably the Guava. This Moon Rock possessed the mood-lifting and brain-calming qualities I require to get things done along with enough of that Chem/Diesel invigoration to get your motor running...or those of your digital defensive linemen as you absolutely crush some fools at Madden. I had the "official" Moon Rocks when I went out to the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver (back in '15) and Terpy Solutions's definitely matched the quality I was expecting. They were eager to point out that their kief doesn't flake off much when you handle the rocks, just like Kurupt's. I can verify both, the consistency on these Rocks is excellent. Just a tiny piece in your pipe will burn for several satisfactory pulls. Daily dabbers and curious chronoisseurs alike will enjoy the "Flower+" experience of Terpy Solutions' Moon Rocks.