Mint Cookies (Bagged Buds)

Soak up those sexy thirty-five degree temperatures while you can, mijos, the Polar Vortex approacheth! That sounds crazy scary. What if it never goes away? What if it’s the beginning of a new Ice Age in our own backyards the day after tomorrow? I bet you’ll feel bad for driving a truck in the city but not actually hauling anything or even helping your friends move then, won’t you? Whatever, man.

Today our friends at I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds have Mint Cookies flowers to share with you, pictured above, but we’re not sharing any with you-know-who right now cuz he sucks, so don’t give him any of these other flowers that you can totally have cuz we’re still cool, it’s just, that guy, man, y’know?

Sour Diesel
Sunset Sherbet
Chocolate Diesel
Grape Pie
Cookie Glue
Bruce Banner
Wheel Chair
Jungle Boy OG
Grass Valley OG
Sunset Cookies
Green Crack
Blue Cookies
Super Sour Diesel
Sour AK

Review: Sunset Sherbet

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