Metro City Organic Delivery launched it's Initiative-71 compliant delivery service today, so I reached out to get a sneak preview of the cannabis they planned to gift.  Some of y'all dig the stories about zombies and elves.  And you good-naturedly tolerate the more-than-occasional rant. But what most of you really want is to know where you can get good weed delivered from without it being a great big hassle so you can move on with your day.  Except, y'know, high. The Gentleman is nothing if not hip, my dears.  So I am bumping up this review and double-dropping on y'all today. I'm impressed with the bud quality but let's start with the website. It's all quite straightforward.  The strain of the day is listed on the main page- right now, it's Alien OG. They have a selection of smoking accessories you can purchase like pre-rolled cones and all-natural Fronto leaves from Gold Leaf Inc (they're like Backwoods). Even though I can't roll for a damn, it doesn't keep me from trying on occasion, so I went with the Leaf.  Once the item is in the cart, you choose a gift-wrapped amount (1/8th, 1/4, or 1/2) checkout with credit card, and presto!  The donation amounts are reasonable and shipping is included. FYI- they do advise that you leave your phone number in the notes section so they can contact you about the order. alien-og Interestingly, you can get a 1/16th gift, but only with the Individual RAW sheets. Everything else had a minimum of 1/8th. What really caught my eye, though, is the monthly subscription service.  The rates are slightly discounted and joining enters you into their monthly prize raffle.  MCOD clearly state you can cancel your subscription at any time. They claim delivery will be made as early as an hour or can be scheduled around your needs (again, you should add any info like that in the notes).  As far as that goes, I told them there was no rush to get to me during rush hour, I could wait for a while, and they were calling me from downstairs in under two hours. The gift was professionally packaged and labeled with weight, strain, and laudable advisory info in a windowed, smell-proof bag. I cracked it open, took a whiff, and smiled- a subtle, sweet pine.  Bag appeal is low, as it was full of popcorn and small nugs, and stemmier than I'd like to see, but on the larger, dark green buds, you could see a nice cure. Tiny trichomes glistened on close inspection of the surprisingly dense flowers.  My grinder filled past my expectations, the contents within so silky smooth it's like running your fingers across a plush carpet. alien-2 The Alien OG, a cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, is a smooth smoke.  I hardly coughed as I consumed my prerolled cone.  I wasn't the least disappointed in the effects- a strong cerebral buzz from just behind and above my temples; a solid mental shield that unencumbered my thoughts from depression and compulsion; an invigoration that shocked me out of my fatigue. It got me out to the club last night (more on that later) and has kept me focused and and on task all day- have y'all seen how many words I wrote today?  It's like, a lot at this point. If my extraterrestrial, insectile overlords discover these missives, I'll surely be used for breeding stock. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Why u no like Alien? Not the sexy kind.[/caption] So let's sum up!  Metro City Organic Delivery has a nice, quality hybrid in stock, reasonable donation rates, flexible delivery times, and an intriguing subscription service. Follow on Twitter @MCODDC Follow on Instagram @metrocityorganicdelivery Follow on Snapchat @MCODDC Email them at