mk3 Here's a case of the same strain grown by different growers yielding very different results. I've had a few different Master Kush flowers around DC in the past couple years, it's clearly popular with more folks than little ole moi. Some have put me right to sleep. Others have me jacked up like two straight cups of coffee. I really like the latter, by the way. We're all about being productively medicated here at GTHQ. That definition of productive includes getting a good night's rest, kiddos- you know what happens when you deprive a Princess of her beauty sleep! I wasn't sure which of these two extremes I'd experience when my favorite Initiative 71 grow consultant Real Deal's Farmz asked me to review their organic, hyrdoponically-grown MK, but I knew I was in for some great medicine. I've talked with Real Deal often since reviewing the Laughing Buddha and I know that he grows cannabis specifically to help treat PTSD, anxiety, depression- y'know, the same kinds of mental dragons your Gentleman must slay on a daily basis. Occasionally, though, I still get eaten for a few days, only to re-emerge from the beast like a beautiful Jonah. You can read my review of his Laughing Buddha right here. I've sampled his Grape Ape, too, which was a phenomenally relaxing indica, and we blazed a jay of his terrific Cheese last time he was through. Real Deal's Master Kush stands up to my lofty expectations. The buds bear his signature- tight, well-formed dense nuggets that yield to being pressed and spring back to form. A faint aroma of the expected pepper and spice that expands when ground. The smoke is effortless, like taking a heavy breath.mk2 Real Deal's MK splits the difference between my previous experiences with this strain and simply evens me out. My mood is pleasantly enhanced while keeping my head clear enough to go about my day. Its relaxing enough for evenings, especially if you have bothersome holiday chores to keep you busy, like planting booby traps about the house or having a series of ghosts teach you what an insufferable asshat you've been to everybody. Make sure you Follow our good friends @RealDealFarmz on Instagram for more pics of the excellent cannabis meds that prove our battle anthem of Plants Over Pills, and I definitely recommend reaching out to RDF if you're considering hiring a growing consultant to help you take advantage of Initiative 71.