Master KushOh, man, I love this strain. This energizing indica from Holistic Remedies will always have a place in my medicine cabinet. Let me tell you about the first time I smoked Master Kush. I had just got back from the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver last year. I enthusiastically bought way more flower than I could smoke myself in the terribly short week I spent I there, what with the edibles and a truly awesome vape oil pen from Neos I had also bought. I wanted to try everything! In truth, I was a bit disappointed- I had hoped that the cannabis there would be miles better than what I’d experienced up until now, but it was only a little better. Reluctantly, I returned to DC and real life, but happily, I had received my medical card recently and my interview/appointment was scheduled with Takoma Wellness just after my return. I walked out of it with 1 gram each of Sativa Afghani, Granddaddy Purple, and Master Kush. I was impressed with the dense, sticky buds and their strong aroma of exotic spices. Any concern about whether the DC medical marijuana was as good as the recreational pot in Denver was erased immediately after the first bowl. Suddenly, sitting on my balcony calmly enjoying the springtime vistas was no longer possible. I simply had to get up, go out, and move. There was no plan beyond that. My feet hit the pavement with purpose and before I knew it, I had walked far beyond my neighborhood without any water. I felt amazing despite being parched. It wasn’t just the Kush, though- it was the knowledge that, at long last, that I had access to quality medicine in my own backyard. I’ve enjoyed this strain many times since. Whenever I need some get up and go- before physical therapy or when I need to clean the apartment- I reach for Master Kush. Be careful, though- Capital City Care has their own version of this strain and that one will knock you right out!